December 22, 2016


Mar 21 - Apr 19 

Your personal planet Mars enters Pisces and a more secluded sector of your chart, so your focus could turn inward. Perhaps this isn't such a bad thing. With some crucial aspects showing up that encourage positive change in your life, stepping back can allow you to make the most of this, especially if you use this time to consider your priorities. Mercury turns retrograde on December 19, so avoid committing to legal issues or anything that involves a lot of money. 



Apr 20 – May 20 

Your social sector will be stirred to action from December 19, and you could be much busier than you have been with key events and holiday occasions. You could hold a big party or charity fundraiser, and with your organizational skills it's likely to go very well. As Mercury turns retrograde this week, be careful about signing anything that commits you for the long term. It might be better to wait until Mercury forges ahead again, on January 8.



May 21 - Jun 20 

The stirring energies of Mars will influence your sector of career and ambition from December 19. With the holiday week coming up, this is a good time to zero in on key goals and firm up your resolve to succeed in 2017. Your personal planet Mercury rewinds this week, so it pays to be careful with financial matters. Christmas Day looks like fun, as do the days ahead in general. Relax and unwind, but be ready for changes that could revolutionize your life.



Jun 21 - Jul 22 

With your career planet Mars entering your sector of travel and exploration, you may feel moved to take a class that helps you on your journey to success. Mercury's retrograde phase, starting this week, suggests not taking others at their word. They may mean well, but do your own fact checking before you sign anything. Christmas Day should be a very upbeat, homey occasion that you'll very much enjoy, bonding you closely with family and friends.



Jul 23 - Aug 22 

With a powerful focus on your sector of transformation and shared finances, a deeper pulse could influence your thinking and emotions. You may realize how certain patterns have kept you from achieving as much as you'd like, and this could encourage you to gently let them go. The Sun's move into your lifestyle sector could make you determined to eat more healthfully even though this week will likely be a time of indulgence. Wait until the December 28 New Moon to start.



Aug 23 - Sep 22 

With your personal planet Mercury retrograde from December 19, the next three weeks could bring delays, but they could also see you finding answers to issues that have been problematic recently. Mars also enters your relationship sector, which could encourage negotiation and bring an opportunity to clear the air. As the Sun spends this holiday week in your leisure sector, this period looks very pleasant and enjoyable for all involved. You'll have some big ideas in mind!



Sep 23 - Oct 22 

This holiday week should be a very upbeat and positive time for you. As well as celebrating with friends and family, there are other interesting possibilities showing up. In particular, you may be thinking about forming a partnership with someone, something that could prove very good for both of you. Don't be tempted to rush into anything, though, as a patient approach is best if you're looking for the venture to be solid over the long term.



Oct 23 - Nov 21 

Mercury's retrograde phase may not be very welcome during this holiday week, but it could bring some interesting happenings into the mix, as well as a few delays. A missed appointment or detour could result in a lucky encounter that changes your fortunes in some way. Family celebrations look very special this year, as Venus aligns with Jupiter on December 25. There is also a progressive backdrop that could see you ready to change your job or career.



Nov 22 - Dec 21 

This holiday week may not work out as you envisioned, but it can still be a highly entertaining time. If you're offered an opportunity to go to someone else's place for a celebratory meal, you might just do that. With Mars moving into your domestic sector and the sign of Pisces, you may feel like kicking back and taking time out for yourself. This can bring an opportunity to mull over an idea that inspires you greatly.



Dec 22 - Jan 19 

You may feel energized and ready for action as the Sun enters your sign this week. Be prepared for a few changes to your holiday arrangements, as things could shift at the last minute. However, what happens as a result could be equally upbeat, if not more so. Social plans should keep you busy with guests and events as well as networking and mingling. With Mercury retrograde in your sign, it would be wise not to rush into anything until after January 8.



Jan 20 - Feb 18 

The Sun enters a quieter, more secluded sector of your chart just as this holiday week gets underway. It signals a time of year when you might prefer to take time to reflect on your priorities. Don't deny yourself this opportunity, as there are influences around that encourage progressive and constructive change. You may want to think about how this applies to you and how it might revolutionize your life. The holiday weekend looks very upbeat, certainly something you will enjoy.



Feb 19 - Mar 20 

The stirring energies of Mars in your sign reanimate and reinvigorate your dreams and desires. There's a very interactive ambience as the Sun enters your social sector. When it comes to holiday occasions, you may be the one organizing it all and making sure everyone is happy. But with Mercury retrograde, don't be surprised if one or two friends can't make it or if last-minute adjustments change your plans. Even so, you may have your mind set on more ambitious projects.

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