February 14, 2013

By Eric Kyle Henry Lee

LAWT Contributing Writer


Man strikes against society, murders police officers, then disappears promising to do it again. Manhunt three states wide, suspect still at large, seen in multiple locations ranging from San Diego to Big Bear Mountains. Dogs unleashed in the snow, while rounds are fired at two women delivering newspapers in a quiet neighborhood.  Seems to be what movies are made of, the irony of the setting being Los Angeles. Though the theatrics do prove to be that of cinema, the circumstances are all too real, and even worse, familiar.

Opinion distills the air as Chris Dorner's cries go unheard, or do they? Strip away the details, let the truth come through. His story is one of disparity and hopelessness leading to violence against perceived oppression. We have heard it before. Only difference is that now when the curtain closes we will have no choice but to change.

If an Al Qaeda terrorist had the means to post a manifesto on Facebook, what would it say? Would it portray a picture of Islamic radicalism or would it depict a series of very unfortunate events that can lead any moral human being to fight for something? Would it say “All praise to Allah kill the American Devil”? Or would it say that American forces have killed my family, uprooted the very foundation of my government, and left me with no means to provide for myself and the relatives I have left? In the truest of sense, American forces have created most of the opposition they encounter, with the LAPD being no exception. We wage a war on terror, yet there is more terrorism than ever before. We have a war on drugs and a war on crime, yet there are more drugs and crime than ever before. Obviously the warring mentality has only detrimental effects upon society.

I do not condone violence. By no means do I ever smile when children are losing parents, and family is being torn apart. I do condone change, but I am frightened by the facts of change in present day. It seems people all over the world are picking up weapons to protect themselves from threats of evil. Some even take the measures to offensively attack perceived forces of oppression, in order to achieve change. Those sorts of things used to only happen overseas, now they are taking place in our backyard with the common thread arousing rebellion being American forces; the military and the militarized LAPD.

I support our troops 100%, if it was not for them we would not have the freedom we have today. Upon meeting any individual from any branch of our military, I make sure to stand up, look them in the eye, shake their hand, and thank them for all they have done. For the war they fight is not theirs, but the nation to protect is.

At home in the streets of LA there has been a war for as long as I can remember, with the mediator being the LAPD. I have family members who are a part of the force. I know plenty of respectable individuals who are in the line of duty and strive to be in the line of duty. Yet with that being said, whenever I see officers; I do not look them in the eye and I certainly do not shake their hand or give thanks. I only feel fear. For they have made me, black male age 20 six feet tall, into the number one target; choosing to inherit war and making it personal at that. No matter your personal opinion of Chris Dorner, we can all agree that the rage embodied in his actions came from the darkest corner of our nation. With ugliness portrayed so vividly within this picture, every citizen must take responsibility to ensure this does not happen again.

Shame on the Los Angeles Police Department for continuing a dishonest relationship with the community. Hopefully after this fiasco they will make valid efforts to address and correct our community’s concerns. Unfortunately, nobody polices the police. It does not take a conspiracy theory to see that not much has changed since the days of  Rodney King and the Watts Riots. Shame on Chris Dorner; murder is never a reasonable means to handle any situation. No person must take the law into their own hands, for that is not the American way. We have all seen the power of the Civil Rights movement. If you want equal rights fight for them, but fight for them peacefully. Last but not least, shame on our community. We must activate our spirit once again; rise up and fight for what is right. A civilian body not willing to actively shape society is the source of such horrors, as individuals feel the need to take drastic measures to bring change about. As citizens no longer can we turn our backs on problems of society until they erupt in our face. Accepting short term solutions to our problems rather than challenging our government to create long term solutions is a pure recipe for disaster.

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