February 07, 2013

By LAWT News Service


Lynn Manning, a playwright, actor, and poet, joined Watts Village Theater Company on Feb. 1

On February 1, Watts Village Theater Company (WVTC) welcomed back its co-founder Lynn Manning – an award-winning playwright, actor, and poet – who now serves as the nonprofit’s Interim Artistic Director.

Manning, a former WVTC Board Chair, holds the unique honor of having served as artist and board for the company, and now serving as the artistic visionary for the future of the innovative Watts-based theater company.  See below for a bio on Manning.

WVTC Interim Artistic Director Lynn Manning stated, “I’ll never have the charisma of Quentin Drew, nor the kinetic energy of Guillermo Aviles-Rodriguez, but inner vision and institutional memory I have in abundance.”

Manning added, “Having been involved with the organization since it began, even during the period following Quentin’s death in 2005, I know how far the organization has come.  As we approach out 20 year anniversary, I am excited about the innovative, first-rate artistic productions and educational programming addressing the needs of our community that that we have in store for Los Angeles – including this year’s Riot/Rebellion project, conceived by the incomparable Guillermo Aviles-Rodriguez.  I look forward to applying my vision and institutional memory to the task of growing WVTC’s aesthetic and civic value to the community it was created to serve.”

As WVTC undergoes this historic transition period, it honors the years of service and dedication given by former Artistic Director Guillermo Aviles-Rodriguez.

David Mack, WVTC Managing Director stated, “Guillermo has maintained an exemplary career during his time at WVTC.  Under his artistic leadership, the company has achieved unprecedented growth in its personnel, financial standing, strategic partnerships – including collaborations of new work with over 15 theatre companies from across Los Angeles – and audience development.  Moreover, he conceived and stewarded monumental, original productions including Meet Me @Metro and Riot/Rebellion.  Though he will be missed, he still remains a permanent part of the WVTC legacy and alumni family.”

For full bio of Lynn Manning visit: www.lawattstimes.com.

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