October 06, 2022



When the week begins, don’t be surprised if your email in-box is overloaded, your phone is blowing up, and you have more to-dos on your list than you feel you can reasonably handle by yourself. This is a busy and frenetic but potentially energizing time during which you’ll do well to set boundaries and take moments for yourself. Later, the cosmos allows you to set powerful intentions related to your daily to-dos and how you communicate with those in your immediate environment. It's easy to tap into your most genuine emotions and share how you truly feel. 




This week is full of opportunities to research and better understand what offers you a sense of confidence and security, then define an empowering, exciting vision for the future. You’ll be zeroing in on financial details and feeling inspired to switch up how you’re handling your approach to moneymaking when the week starts. Later, you're urged to gather information related to your game plan, as well as share it with friends and colleagues. Animated, illuminating conversations could help you feel even more self-assured about your path forward. You might opt to take your thoughts to a higher-up.




You could feel at least slightly more like you have the world at your fingertips at the beginning of the week. At the very least, you’ll feel more in tune with the general vibe of the moment and your ability to express what you want to achieve. Later, the cosmos offers up an opportunity to zero in on a long-held dream and design a step-by-step game plan for seeing it through. You’ll have a bolstered ability to tap in to your deepest desires and eloquently share your intentions. 




You and a colleague might be tempted to take on too much on the job when the week starts. The reason is you’re overly optimistic about what you can accomplish as a team. Dialing it back to a more measured approach can serve you well. Later, you’ll do well to spend quality time on your own journaling, meditating, or otherwise musing about what you want to achieve in the coming months. This might very well be a time for quiet downtime, but it’s also a fruitful moment for getting clear on your deepest needs and how you’ll be able to satisfy them through reflection, research, and action. 




Your abundant appetite for learning could come up against your chores and responsibilities in the beginning of the week. You might put in a lot of time on a new class, artistic project, or planning a trip down the road only to find you haven’t had a chance to take that daily walk or stretch break. Finding a better balance between dreaming and doing serves you well. Later, the cosmos pumps up your desires to join forces with colleagues and friends to contribute to a cause close to your heart. Raising funds or awareness in a grassroots, tech-savvy way could make for a winning result.




You’ll be motivated to get out of your comfort zone and step into the spotlight on the job in the beginning of the week. Perhaps you’ll share an ambitious proposal with colleagues or discuss with a higher-up how you can contribute to your team or field in a bold new way. Later, carve out time to daydream about what your ultimate professional path might look like going forward. Although you’ll want to stick to a pragmatic approach—and that’s not necessarily discouraged—allowing yourself room to play now can be beneficial. That way, you’ll be able to get clearer on what you want to manifest and how you can get there, making it even more likely that you’ll navigate your way closer to that specific target. 




Your desire to seek new avenues for learning will be stimulated as the week gets underway. Whether you decide to take an online drawing class with a friend or try your hand at a new language, putting your creativity and social spirit to use now can be enlivening. You’ll also be thrilled to have a new opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded people. Later, the cosmos lays the groundwork for you to set an intention related to expanding your horizons. Although a vacation may not be in your immediate future, you might enjoy digging into in-depth research on a dream destination. That way, when it’s time to pull the trigger on booking, you’ll be ready to go.




Your desire to share deeply intimate moments with your significant other or someone special is sure to be heightened at the start of the week. In turn, you’ll be eager to take the pace of life down a notch and focus on getting in touch with and expressing your most heartfelt feelings. This can lead to greater self-awareness and emotional fulfillment. Later, you might feel the time is right to meditate on and set a bold intention related to your closest relationships. Whether it’s related to joint finances or how you’re relating to one another and bolstering reciprocity, you can trust your intuition to guide you now. 




You’ll have even more opportunities to pair up with colleagues or dear friends to collaborate on projects that get your juices flowing early in the week. You could find it’s easier than ever to vibe off one another and lean on each other’s strengths while filling in the gaps in one another’s weaknesses. In turn, you’ll be even more apt to cross the finish line on whichever undertaking you dive into as a successfully in-sync team. Later, the cosmos encourages you to reflect on the ways you want to take partnerships in your life to the next level. Feeling like you’re stronger when you’re supported by your significant other, closest friend, or loved one is completely natural and well worth embracing. 




You could find you’re feeling extra sensitive and desirous of joyful, lighthearted bonding time with loved ones in the beginning of the week. Don’t hesitate to express your needs. Later, you might want to consider setting aside time to muse about the ways you could feel even more balanced and satisfied by your regular schedule. Maybe you’ll opt to add additional self-care practices into the mix or switch up the times you’re waking up and going to bed in order to get more rejuvenating rest. You could reimagine your workout plan and clean eating efforts too. Either way, taking steps to improve and shore up your approach to caring for yourself physically and mentally can pay off now. 




Finding ways to enjoy simple pleasures and express what’s in your heart are at the top of mind for you early in the week. Taking up an artistic hobby like painting or writing poetry could prove therapeutic, as could carving out time to catch up with a beloved friend over a lengthy call. Later, consider putting work on the back burner so you can indulge in a playful activity that warms your heart, like baking with loved ones or having an at-home date night with your significant other. Also, it's easy to pinpoint and take action on your long-term creative goals. 




Finding the words to share your feelings with loved ones comes more organically than usual in the beginning of the week. It should also feel like your head and heart are more in sync, which can serve to boost harmony in your closest relationships. This could be the time to tackle that tough topic you postponed earlier. Later, you’ll have the green light to set a healing new tone with family members. Get clear on what you want the coming months to look like on the domestic front and then have an open conversation. It could pave the way to your dreams becoming real. 




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