August 11, 2022



As the week begins, the cosmos intensifyies your desire to acquire more power and recognition for your efforts. Pinpoint your exact goals and then go after them with your signature passion and fire. You’ll be unstoppable. Later, you have an opportunity to get clear on what you want to achieve in the weeks and months ahead and then take concrete steps toward them. You’d do well to home in on healing strategies that allow you to address and bury old emotional wounds in order to make space for the successful new path you want to forge for yourself.




Early in the week, you’ll be compelled to carve out solo time dedicated to resting, recharging, and tuning in to your intuition through meditation or a similar form of reflection. While you tend to train your focus on set patterns and goals, it’s best for you to let go of preconceived notions about how you should be spending your time and just be right now. This type of mindfulness can lend itself to more self-understanding that you can use to amplify your focus and success in the weeks and months ahead. Later, the stars amplify your clarity and passion. You can channel this toward energizing existing relationships or envisioning the horizon-broadening type of partnership you aspire to build.




You could feel uncharacteristically laser focused on fulfilling a longtime fantasy at the start of the week. If you’re attached, sharing your thoughts and desires with your significant other can open the doorway to fulfillment. If you’re single, meditate and perhaps even do a special ritual to manifest the connection and experience you’re dreaming of. Later, you have a significant opportunity to connect with colleagues. Brainstorming ways you can work together to advance shared aspirations feels enlivening. Although you’re a people person by nature, this moment truly lends itself to working with others and feeling like part of something greater than yourself. 




As the week starts, you’ll be extra focused on elevating your standing with higher-ups and receiving recognition for your efforts on the job. Own this need by clarifying exactly what you want to achieve, then express that to those who support you the most. You’ll find that by being bold and driven, this transit can power up your efforts to advance your professional aspirations. Later, you’ll be feeling extra warm and affectionate toward all of your connections—platonic, romantic, and anything in between. If you’re up for it, you can use this emotional moment to put in pragmatic, intense work on the relationships you value most.




When the week begins, you might very well be feeling restless. Give in to the urge to travel or otherwise broaden your horizons (think about using a meditation app or attending a sound bath). This can prove inspiring and set the tone for exploring a wide variety of avenues that feed you spiritually and intellectually. Later, you're stirred to pursue even more balance and creative fulfillment from your work. Connect with colleagues and higher-ups with whom you’ve built long-standing relationships and discuss where you want to go from here. You’ll be fired up to take the next steps toward achieving even greater success.




At the start of the week, you’ll be focused on feeling even more centered in your deepest feelings and most intimate connections. Understanding how you relate to others and the foundations of your closest relationships can lead to greater self-awareness and confidence, not to mention fulfillment of your most pressing emotional needs. Later, the cosmos offers you even more clarity on your most intense desires. You can harness the power of the planets to design your very own signature game plan for pursuing and fulfilling these long-held fantasies. 




At the beginning of the week, you’ll do well to commit to an aspiration you share with your closest colleague, friend, or significant other. Whether you want to build a business or take your relationship to the next level, you’ll have the focus and collaborative power to map a winning course now together. Later, it will be even easier to foster your closest bonds. Identify activities that bring you the most pleasure in your relationships, then allow yourself to be in the moment. You deserve to be fully present and joyful. 




You’ll be presented with an opportunity to pinpoint health goals and strategies for achieving more work/life balance as the week begins. If there’s a fitness app you’ve been wanting to try, an acupuncturist you’ve been hoping to see, or a yoga instructor you’ve been eager to check out, now is your chance to explore and home in on what the next chapter of your self-improvement journey will look like. You’ll be filled with the promise of amplifying your vitality. Later, the stars fuel your need to shake things up with your significant other or in terms of how you’ve been pursuing a romantic relationship. You’d do well to trust your gut.




As the week starts, you’ll be feeling downright inspired. It’s time to put monotonous work aside, which might truly be weighing on your adventurous spirit, and lean into the fun-loving energy that has you fired up and ready to leap into a new relationship, stimulating professional project, or travel experience. The mood is right for proposing that creative project or setting a whole new magical tone around your nearest and dearest relationships. Later, you’ll have a bright green light to pursue big-picture earning goals. Again, if you’re feeling less than passionate about your daily work, talking to friends and colleagues about other opportunities could prove particularly rewarding now.




At the beginning of the week, you’d do well to really tune in to the roots of your feelings and take steps to elevate your personal power. You have a chance to set intentions that will enhance your feeling of security. Talking your needs through with loved ones can be a promising way to lay the groundwork for your vision. Later, the stars amplify your optimism and loving spirit. You’ll want to prioritize time with friends, family, and significant other. Putting work aside to be truly present and connected with your nearest and dearest can go far to bolstering your bonds.




Spending time with friends, neighbors, or even strangers tends to be your forte, and early in the week, the more you can engage in animated conversations with a wide variety of connections the better. You might be stunned by how quickly a casual discussion turns into a truly inspiring game plan for achieving a long-held professional dream. At the very least, you could forge new, intellectually stimulating bonds. Later, you're stirred to consider switching up your current living situation. Although you tend to be a creature of habit, you’re realizing that change is on the horizon and embracing it will serve you well. 




If you’ve been feeling unfulfilled or stuck in your current professional path, you’ll have a fruitful opportunity to turn the page early this week. This is fertile ground for envisioning a new definition of success. Run any money goals by your intuition and you’ll be right on track. Later, the cosmos infuses your platonic connections with a special lightheartedness and warm, cozy affection. You’ll want to be even more open about your feelings than usual while hearing out your loved ones about what’s in their hearts. This can strengthen your relationships and have you feeling extra supported.

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