January 10, 2013


An unexpected piece of excellent advice comes from an old friend. Heed well what is said. Follow your intuition concerning matters at work. Your gut feelings are wiser than your brain this week. Trust you feelings more than your thoughts. Soul Affirmation: I let my instincts light my way this week.



This is a good time for personal inventory. Dust off old ideas. They will shine brighter than any new ideas this week. You are primed for success in an agreement about a money matter. Soul Affirmation: I find many things about myself that I really love.



Socially your positive vibes can take you a long way this week. Your intuition serves you well in business. A new move is favored. Open yourself up to financial flow. It’s coming. Soul Affirmation: I open myself up to the wealth of the universe.



Your home can be your best profit center this week. Expand your concept of what profit is. Boost your attention to your lover’s personal needs. Invest time in being considerate. Put other people first this week. Soul Affirmation: By rewarding others I reward myself.



Begin working to improve the quality of life in your community. Don’t hang back. Do it. Joy comes from what you give this week. This week your charm will open doors that were previously closed. Soul Affirmation: I look for the good in all that comes to me this week.



Be open and honest in your dealings with a co-worker. Deception will double back on you, if you try it.  This is a bad week for being sly. Your true intentions show on your face. Be thorough don’t cut corners. Soul Affirmation: I let my words reveal the not-so-hidden truth about my being.



The boss is depending on you at work this week. The reward is buried in the gifts you give to whoever crosses your path. Don’t look for payment for the good you do. Time will send it surging out at you.  Soul Affirmation: I give thanks for the chance to give.



You’ve always had the ability to take the slow and easy route to getting things done. This week is an excellent week for practicing that method to the maximum. Friends are not going to help you with the problem you face, but go slow and easy and you can handle it alone. Soul Affirmation: Slow and easy is the best way for me to travel this week.



Use your tried and true formula for a successful week. Remember the things that worked for you in the past. Now is not the time to try anything new. Forget about a minor irritation that comes from someone you love. Soul Affirmation: I find comfort in the familiar.



Give yourself a chance to grow, and not by eating more. Eating good is alright but for true growth expand your horizons. Look at life a little bit differently. Take a walk on the other side of the question. Soul Affirmation: I look to distant horizons to find truth this week.



Just start talking. What you need to say next will come to you. You’ve got some explaining to do and silence will get you nowhere. Love can be yours at this time but you’re going to have to use your gift for gab to get it. Soul Affirmation: Charm is my middle name this week.



This is just the kind of time you like so enjoy it. Family members are not busy. You can get into their heads and see what’s going on. Open up your own head and let someone in. You are at your best, socially, so have some fun. A Romantic bond becomes stronger. Soul Affirmation: I love charming, positive head games.

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