December 06, 2012

By Brian W. Carter

LAWT Staff Writer

The space shuttle Endeavour maybe resting at its new home at the California Science Center but it’s still flying around in the minds of the community. As the shuttle traveled through multiple neighborhoods in South L.A., it undoubtedly left profound influences in the minds of many youth. The Second Baptist Church of Los Angeles (SBCLA) wants to keep the inspiration and momentum moving forward.

On Sunday, November 25, SBCLA held a program entitled “Our African-American Space Age Legacy.” Since then, a display of awards, books, documents and more about the rich, Black legacy behind the space program stands for everyone to see. Ernest Terrell, who worked on the Endeavour, along with his wife, provided much of what is on display at SBCLA.

The display has garnered praise, attention and even revealed two more members of the space program that call the SBCLA home, Natlieth Smith and Benny Ray Dancy. Members of the church are moving forward with recognizing Terrell, Smith and Dancy along with other Black space pioneers who reside in Los Angeles.

The Space Age legacy is on display at the Second Baptist Church of Los Angeles located at 2412 Griffith Avenue in Los Angeles, Ca in the narthex of the church. For more information, please call (213) 748-0318 or fax (213) 748-1015. You can also visit the church website at

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