The year was 1988. Standing on stage stood a performer. Lights flashed as he sang the first verse.


“Everybody talking all this stuff about me, why don’t they just let me live?”


Bobby Brown answered that question in his new miniseries, The Bobby Brown Story. 


“The story has been written but that comes from other people,” Brown told the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper.


“In this movie, I’ll show you what I been through in order to be the man that I am today”


The “My Prerogative” singer sat down with us to discuss his family, new music, and his new outlook on life. 


He was joined by, Woody Mcclain.


Mcclain, who portrays Brown in the miniseries, described what it took to encapsulate an authentic portrayal of the superstar.


“A lot of people really don’t know, but I have a dancing background,” said Mcclain.


“I watched Bobby’s old videos. They were so explosive. There wasn’t any fancy stuff we have now. It was just pure raw talent. I had to make sure I could grab that energy.”


Mcclain revealed he first met Brown in 2015. He had no idea he would play him in a film years later.


“I was a dancer at the Soul Train Awards.  They came in and said we will dance with Bobby Brown.  He actually came into rehearsal and showed us some moves,” said Mcclain.


Bobby began to laugh.


“It’s crazy because this guy played every part just like it is suppose to be played,” said Bobby as he wrapped his arm around Mcclain.


“I would look at scenes and say, he looks just like me but when you feel that, then you know its right. Even my kids thought so too!”


His kids continue to be a driving force behind his success. Throughout our conversation, he focused on the importance of his children.  


“I want to be able to give them strength to succeed in everything. I’ve been through a lot. I want them to learn from my mistakes and grow from them.”


Brown, who produced the miniseries, never swayed away from his past struggles. Though his past lifestyle was tumultuous, he is now focusing on one simple factor; love.


“It is all about love. You got to find love in your heart. You have to find love in your life. If you don’t find love, than your not finding anything,” Brown said.


Don’t expect Brown to blast new music anytime soon. He prefers songs that focus on connections rather than popularity. 


“Our generation talked about love.  We sung about things that were beautiful,” Brown said. 


He paused for a second before continuing.


“We sung about the things that were essential to our upbringing. There’s no way to live without love. If you try to live without love, your not going to live long. That’s what I feel.”


Mcclain agreed with his statements.


“I feel like everyone is just chasing the bag. I just feel that we need to really listen to those before us and get the wisdom from them,” Mcclain said.


With decades of experience, Brown had some strong words for the current state of the music industry.


 “I think that music has come to a point where it is mechanical. It’s all about selling a record for somebody else. All there doing is making beats and rhyming about nothing. You have to realize music is forever.”


The 4-hour mini series premiered September 4th and 5th on BET. Bobby is expected to go on tour and release new music.


“I’m not finished. I’m just beginning. I have to give the people something they have never seen.  I have new music being produced by Babyface and Teddy Riley,” said Brown.


We ended our conversation with one question.


“Bobby, how important is family to you?”


Brown replied, “Family is everything. There is nothing more important. They make me whole. I appreciate everything that comes towards me. I’ve been in this business for almost 40 years. I appreciate the lifestyle I’ve been able to live. Music is my life. Acting is my life. Family is my life.”

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