May 17, 2018 


MAR 21 - APR 19 

If you're completely single, then you're probably only interested in keeping it casual when it comes to matters of the heart. Your ruling planet, Mars, will enter Aquarius -- one of the most non-committal signs of the zodiac. You might have multiple offers for sex and feel that it's time to have fun, experiment and just do you. On the other hand, it's also possible that this attitude of yours is more of a defense mechanism than anything else. Are you running away from your true feelings for someone? Hmmm... If you're in a relationship, then after Saturday you and your love might want to spend more time nesting together at home. If you're newly dating someone, it'll be a great time to introduce your new sweetie to your family. They'll think you're adorbs together!



APR 20 - MAY 20 

Everything changes this week for you Taurus. EVERYTHING! On Tuesday, Uranus, the planet of awakenings will move into your sign for the first time in 84 years. This is truly remarkable energy that will have you buzzing for years to come. A New Moon will also fall in your sign on the very same day. You might feel a surge of restless energy that demands expression. You may also know that when it comes to your love life, it's time for a major change. Major. Are you moving in an entirely new direction? Definitely. Which direction that is, however, remains to be seen. One thing is certain: whatever you think it will be, it won't. Uranus loves to mess around that way



MAY 21 - JUN 20 

Unusual experiences and new adventures are calling out to your heart in a way that you can no longer deny. As a result, you might need to adjust your expectations in matters of the heart -- especially if there's someone in your life who just can't match up to where it is you want to go next. Still, while it's true that you can't always be on the same page with your lover, if you're on two entirely different planets then you might need to re-evaluate whether or not this relationship is still workable. You simply must go after the desire to expand your horizons now, Gemini ... with or without your mate.



JUN 21 - JUL 22 

If you're single and ready to mingle, this week you're sizzling hot! After Tuesday you'll feel like your social life is buzzing with invitations, possibilities, and complete excitement. You'll have amazing opportunities to meet new and fascinating people, at least one who you'll feel an intense electric pull toward. The company you keep overall is likely to be filled with people who are more eccentric or visionary. In fact, the weirder they are, the more attracted you'll be. In a relationship? Although your partner will feel more attracted to you, you might have some financial obstacles to get through together. Don't worry; you will.



JUL 23 - AUG 22 

You'll feel a surge of motivation to work on your relationship this week, Leo. It's all thanks to Mars, the planet of action and drive, moving into your partnership sector on Wednesday. With this fiery planet here, you can look forward to a couple of scenarios. For starters, you will find yourself more interested in passionately connecting with your mate. Although it is possible that you'll want to stir up trouble and initiate arguments, if this happens it's only because you're truly motivated to push past whatever problems you might have and get right to what matters: the make-up sex.




AUG 23 - SEP 22 

If you're single, this week might turn into a game-changer. On Saturday Venus, the planet of love and harmony, will move into the most social area of your chart -- the 11th house. Venus remains here through June 13, and during this stretch of time you might actually find success when it comes to the endlessly frustrating world of internet dating. You're tired of not making any kind of emotional connection on all of those first dates that go nowhere. The good news is that now you can rest easy knowing that this will change. Take a leap of faith and meet someone new -- you won't regret it.



SEP 23 - OCT 22 

Your love life might turn into something that resembles a steamy romance novel! On Wednesday Mars will move into your 5th House of Romance, Pleasure and Passion, making certain that now, your top priority is making the most of a sexy opportunity with someone you can't get enough of. If you're completely single, you may suddenly find yourself being pursued by someone who makes it clear they think you're totally hot. If you're in a relationship, then the sex between you and your lover is about to hit a level that will make you tremble. In a good way, of course!



OCT 23 - NOV 21 

Oh boy Scorpio ... are you ready for your love life to be dramatically changed? Well, ready or not, here it comes! On Tuesday Uranus, the planet of instability and chaos but also revolution, will move into your partnership sector for the first time in 84 years. Yes, this will be a life-altering time in your life where anything and everything between you and your love will change. You might start to feel an itch that simply must be scratched. A desire for something -- or someone -- different. If you're completely single, you might suddenly meet someone who turns your world upside down. Wow!



NOV 22 - DEC 21 

Your mouth might get you into trouble. On Wednesday Mars, the natural ruler of your romance sector, will move into your communication sector and will stay here for an extended period of time. As Mars settles into this part of your chart it's possible that you'll say something to your lover without fully thinking it through. You might be excited about conveying your thoughts to your lover, and that's great. If, however, you have a problem to work through, then you might not come across in expressing yourself with much tact or consideration for your partner's feelings. Single? You'll have no problem approaching someone who catches your eye and initiating a conversation. Good for you!



DEC 22 - JAN 19 

Boom chicka boom! Oh boy Capricorn, get ready for everything -- and I do mean everything -- to change when it comes to matters of the heart. If you are single and the type of person who is convinced that you don't need or want love, guess what? The universe is literally about to hit you over the head with someone who will drastically shift your perspective. Without having any control over it, you might suddenly find your heart opening up. Is that really so bad? Come on Cappy ... the universe wants you to know that sometimes it's OK to throw caution to the wind. Especially when it comes to your love life.


May 17, 2018 


JAN 20 - FEB 18 

This week you get back into the driver's seat in your life, which is a fabulous place to be! Mars, the planet of assertive energy, will enter Aquarius on Wednesday and remains here for months to come -- an unusual stretch of time. For now, this will be a positive time where you're feeling sexy, in your power, and have the ability to get whatever -- and whomever -- you want in your life. If you're in a relationship, the passion will be kicked up a notch or two between you. If you are single, you're oozing sexy vibes right now. People are noticing.



FEB 19 - MAR 20 

Love is all around you, Pisces. Do you see it? Do you feel it? Don't worry -- very soon you will. On Saturday Venus will move into your romance sector for the first time in a year. Venus remains in this part of your chart through June 13, and during this time you'll have an amazing opportunity to nurture a brand-new romantic relationship with someone who literally makes you feel like home. The sense of familiarity and safety you'll feel with this person will be uncanny. Trust it, Pisces. It's real and beautiful. In a relationship? There might be baby news on the way. 

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