March 01, 2018


March 21 – April 19 

The emphasis on your spiritual sector continues this week. However, your intuition could play a direct part in decisions linked to your career and plans. If you need guidance, meditating on the issue can allow you to tune in to your inner wisdom, which could be very revealing and helpful. On March 1, a full moon in your sector of wellness suggests that you may benefit from lightening your schedule. If you can book a massage or long walk, this could be very relaxing. 



May 21 - Jun 20 

Dynamic activity in your social sector brings you into greater contact with your friends and various groups. With luscious Venus aligning with passionate Pluto on Tuesday, one connection could seem particularly compelling. You might be motivated to hurry this relationship along, particularly if the person seems very suited to you. Even so, if you can allow the association to develop naturally, things will turn out much better. A delightful blend of energies on Friday could make for a perfect first date, especially if it involves food.



May 21 - Jun 20 

The sun’s presence in your career sector encourages you to take stock, particularly if you’ve held back from doing so. This week, chatty Mercury’s tie with sobering Saturn suggests that you may be pushed into making a decision, and you will need to have the right information at hand. However, despite the potential for confusion, you might find your thoughts come together in a very constructive way. On Friday, a lovely alignment between luscious Venus and jovial Jupiter can be perfect for a fun night out, especially with your work buddies.



Jun 21 - Jul 22 

You might get the best results when you approach travel plans with patience even if your impulse is to hurry things along. Indeed, with lovely Venus and inquisitive Mars aligning with passionate Pluto, the temptation may be to keep pushing until you get what you want. Accept any delays with good humor and everything should proceed very nicely. If you’re starting a journey, consider checking the details as the sun aligns with nebulous Neptune over the weekend. Mistakes are possible.



Jul 23 - Aug 22 

There is a heightened focus on your sector of transformation this week, and this is emphasized further by lovely Venus and chatty Mercury aligning with potent Pluto. This means that you may have a completely single-minded attitude toward a key issue until it’s resolved to your satisfaction. This could make you rather blinkered for part of the week, but it will get results. On Friday, delightful Venus ties to jovial Jupiter, and this can be an exceptionally good time for a family gathering or big celebration.



Aug 23-Sep 22 

This week’s tie between sociable Venus and intense Pluto suggests that one relationship could move to a new level, with feelings running high. You might be eager to hurry things along, but this may not be the best way ahead. Indeed, the full moon in your sign on March 1 suggests that impulsive moves are possible, but these may not be in your best interests. However, a lovely alignment on Friday can be much more conducive to having a good time, whether with a special person or in the company of friends.



Sep 23 - Oct 22 

You might be ready to make a health decision this week. Lovely Venus is currently in your wellness sector, and it could be because you want to look and feel better that you finally make this choice. With passionate Pluto involved, you might be ready to transform certain areas of your home so you can carry out your plans. This could involve clearing a corner for fitness equipment or making room for new gadgets in the kitchen. Friday could be especially delightful if you can resist temptation.



Oct 23 - Nov 21 

The start of the week could be fairly intense, with ties to passionate Pluto encouraging you to get to know someone better. You may feel a strong urge to be in his or her company, which is great if the feeling is mutual. If you sense any reticence, hold back and allow things to develop naturally. A full moon in your social sector on Thursday can be perfect for a celebration. Friday is excellent for a special date with a new lover or your romantic partner.



Nov 22 - Dec 21 

You may be involved in purchasing items for the home, and this could take on a more serious tone this week, especially if the things are expensive. If you’re replacing an old item with a newer, better model, researching your options online and off will get you the best possible price. Resist purchasing the first one you see, because you could lose out. The full moon in your career zone could put you in the spotlight on Thursday, so use this opportunity to showcase your skills and abilities.



Dec 22 - Jan 19 

The more time you take to understand someone, the better you can get along. However, this week you might be tempted to try too hard, especially if this is someone you’d like to be romantically involved with. Take it easy. If you can allow things to develop in their own time, you may find that it works out much better. On Friday, a delightful aspect between luscious Venus and expansive Jupiter can be perfect for a very special date, one that you may remember for long time to come.



Jan 20 - Feb 18 

As feisty Mars journeys through your social zone, you could be busier than ever with events, group activities, and having fun. However, a focus on your sector of resources suggests that you will be mindful of the cost involved. This week, inquisitive Mercury in your money zone angles toward the red planet, and this can alert you to ways in which you may be wasting money. Cutting out those activities that aren’t truly necessary can help you save time and cash. Even so, an unexpected bonus could come your way.



Feb 19 - Mar 20 

This week, you might be compelled to take part in a social event whether you want to or not. This may be due to a friend’s persuasiveness, and you could feel a bit resentful that they’re being so pushy. However, if you go along, you could have a wonderful time, especially on Friday. On Thursday, there is a full moon in your relationships zone, which could heighten feelings between you and another. Go easy, and avoid making any impulsive moves that you might come to regret later.

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