September 06, 2012


By Kenneth Miller


[Editor’s note: Ken Miller is an award winning veteran journalist who spent 30 years writing for the L.A. Sentinel and has been a popular guest on local sports talk radio for several years. This is the first edition of his weekly sports column.]


Nobody asked me but something really fishy is going on with UCLA recruit Shabazz Muhammad who has yet to be cleared to play by the NCAA.


Muhammad was considered among the top two high school seniors of the class of 2012.


Rumors circulated early on that the dynamite 6’5 guard had received improper benefits during his high school career.


However, I am not buying it! Muhammad got nothing more than any other high school playing on a grassroots basketball circuit dominated by sleazy street agents and power brokering shoe companies.


Both his mom and dad are college graduates and way too smart to allow for some peddler to ruin a one and done collegiate career.


UCLA would possibly pay a high school super star! Would they…


Are you kidding me! Show me a high profile program that does not do a lil something extra for a player the caliber of Muhammad and I’ll show you a D-I program playing like a mid major.


They all cheat, within the rules of course.


You don’t think UCLA was just a tad desperate following last season’s disaster? Moving into renovated Pauley Pavilion that was half empty during most of “gentle” Ben Howland’s reign. A scathing article by Sports Illustrated citing the program as out of control last season might have been the tip of the iceberg.


Let’s hope he is cleared and for How­land’s sake lets hope they win it all…


It looks like Serena Williams will be celebrating yet another grand slam after steam rolling into the semi-finals at the US Open in New York.


Since that C-Walk that got every body including Black folk riled up she has been the best tennis player on the planet-man or woman!


I remember when she wasn’t even the best tennis player in her own family. Venus was first and then probably her dad Richard was second.


That was a long time ago. Few remember that Venus is still playing unless it’s doubles with her, and Richard has given birth to another child who I am sure will have absolutely nothing to do with tennis.


My sources tell me the girls have about two more years before they retire.


Finally, remember when Don King was recognized as the best boxing promoter in the world? Huh! You’re not old enough? Well, I was in Florida last week and had barbeque with him and while there he got a phone call from a certain undefeated fighter.


King didn’t take the call though, he was too busy conducting business with a Korean NGO queen and famed Nigerian Filmmaker Jeta Amata.


Appears the ‘Only in America Man’ is now an International entrepreneur fostering peace with Korea and promoting the political blockbuster ‘Black November’ that releases in December.


It’s football season and let’s see if Michael Vick can stay up right for one regular season game and the Eagles can win a Super Bowl for coach Andy Reid.


Meanwhile on the Raiders front, I never cared much for that freckled face Black GM especially after he fired Huey Jackson after just one season.


Here’s hoping the Raiders fall into the Black hole.


I like that Griffin III kid in DC, but I love Cam Newton better. Peace Out!




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