August 18, 2016 


March 21 – April 19


There's no doubt that you're busy right now and will be for the foreseeable future. However, you could be tempted to skip the hard work if you're invited on a fun outing or other diversion, especially on Tuesday. Wednesday seems more intense as a Venus/Pluto tie could see you negotiating to improve your present situation. Don't seem too eager, though, as it might backfire. Thursday's Full Moon could cause a friendship to unravel unless you tread with care and avoid overreacting 



May 21 - Jun 20 

The idea of taking a break from responsibilities may appeal greatly. If you have the time and the inclination on Tuesday, a spa treatment could be just the ticket. A pressing relationship issue could show up on Wednesday in the form of a budding romance. Should you get more involved? It might be best to bide your time for now. Finally, the Full Moon could pave the way for new developments in your career. If one door closes, another might soon open! 



May 21 - Jun 20 

If you get an unexpected invitation, you will likely accept, and why not? A chance to unwind in good company would be very good for you. You may be looking to purchase a big-ticket item for the home midweek, but try to be flexible. You could end up with something that isn't really suitable. The Full Moon could be a call to adventure, drawing you into a situation that is outside your comfort zone. Even so, you could benefit in the long term.



 Jun 21 - Jul 22 

If an unexpected opportunity should arise, you may be willing to see where it leads even if you don't know much about it. There's a chance it could open the door to an unexpected perk. Midweek brings a powerful aspect that could encourage you to push hard for what you want. Be sure it's right for you first. The Full Moon in your business zone suggests you should be very careful about any deals, especially those that involve a lot of money.  



Jul 23 - Aug 22 

If someone offers you a chance to make an impromptu trip, you may take it for the sheer enjoyment of doing something on the spur of the moment. Your daily agenda looks fairly busy, too, so avoid missing out on an opportunity that might work out well for you over the long term. Relationships could be prone to setbacks, as Thursday's Full Moon suggests that feelings could get in the way of common sense. Avoid overreacting on the spur of the moment. 



 Aug 23 - Sep 22 

Tuesday could bring an inspiring idea your way, one that resolves a personal issue or adds a creative slant to a project or plan. At the same time, one matter could occupy your attention to the exclusion of everything else, especially midweek. It might be best to keep your eye on other issues, too. By doing so you won't miss a trick. Finally, the Full Moon on Thursday may be best handled with a lighter schedule.



Sep 23 - Oct 22 

The meditative focus on a secluded sector of your chart continues, encouraging you to tackle any personal issues that have been draining you for some time. Midweek could be instrumental in encouraging you to make a choice between hanging onto old patterns or finally letting go. There's a Full Moon in your sector of leisure and pleasure, so go easy if you find yourself falling in love. Make sure you get to know the person better before taking things further. 



Oct 23 - Nov 21 

You seem to be very socially involved right now, which can be very satisfying. Even so, midweek could see you getting slightly obsessed with a certain person or with his or her character or interests. It might be better to hold back if possible. Thursday's Full Moon could act as a destabilizing factor, causing you to make a decision that you might regret later. Don't make any moves until the middle of next week if possible. 



Nov 22 - Dec 21 

Although you may be inspired to expand your horizons, a more practical focus could encourage you to attend to details and make sure you don't expect too much of yourself. Being realistic is key this week, particularly if you want to make positive progress in your career, an ambition, or a personal goal. Thursday's Full Moon in your sector of talk and thought suggests that it would be best not to make any promises. Go with the flow instead. 



Dec 22 - Jan 19 

Expanding your horizons is the name of the game this week. With so many positive planets lining up in your adventure sector, this is certainly the best time to make a move. However, you might want to consider the cost of any new opportunities or even vacations you're considering. Thursday's Full Moon in your personal money zone could coincide with an unexpected surprise, so avoid splurging. You might need to keep some cash on hand for unexpected bills.



Jan 20 - Feb 18 

It wouldn't be surprising if you felt unsettled at the start of this week, which may be due to Thursday's Full Moon in your sign. As a result, it might be best not to commit to new plans or ideas until the middle of next week when the feelings generated by this Moon have had a chance to settle. It could coincide with an opportunity that takes you in a completely new direction, one you may not have considered before.



Feb 19 - Mar 20 

With a positive lineup in your relating sector, people in your social circle could be very upbeat and helpful this week and in the coming weeks. Go easy midweek, as someone may be a little too pushy for your liking. This person could be charming, but if something doesn't feel right, draw the line and speak up. Aside from this, there are plenty of options for parties, celebrations, and expanding your network in general. If you need a break, take one.

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