June 02, 2016 

LAWT News Service 


Millennial Compton Mayor Aja Brown is pushing a bold new agenda to repave every street in Compton and she’s getting support from celebrity natives to make it happen. With endorsements from community leaders, local and state officials, Brown has also earned the support of Compton rappers YG and Compton Menace to help encourage residents to vote yes on Measure P on Election Day.  Brown will be joined by supporters and residents on Saturday, June 4 at 10 a.m. at the Dollarhide Community Center for a Measure P informational town hall meeting followed by a Yes on Measure P GOTV rally.


Measure P will be on the ballots of Compton voters on Election Day Tuesday, June 7 and is designed to address one of the most urgent crisis’ in the city—the streets.  Measure P is not a bond and will not raise property taxes.  Known as the Vital City Services and Neighborhood Protection Measure, Measure P will add a 1 percent sales tax on taxable items bought in the city to repave all of Compton’s streets, establish a street maintenance fund, increase lighting, strengthen public safety and stabilize basic city services.


“When residents said they needed their streets fixed, I promised them that I would introduce a real plan to fix every street definitively, because every resident and taxpayer deserves to drive on smooth and clean streets,” explained Mayor Brown.  “We delivered Measure P and now it’s up to the voters to pass it into law so that we can move Compton forward.”


Of the 9% sales tax Compton residents currently pay, 8% goes directly to the State of California and Los Angeles County and only 1% is returned to Compton.  Measure P will double the amount of sales tax dollars available to fund critical city services, adding an additional 1% annually which equates to approximately $7.5 million annually. 


For just one additional penny per taxable dollar, Compton will be able to fully restore their infrastructure in five to seven years, restore their parks, add critical lighting to improve safety, improve 911 response times and provide much needed programs for Compton youth to help reduce violence in the community.  Seniors are expected to also benefit from additional services and transportation options. 


Mayor Brown says the number one priority with Measure P funds once available to use will be repaving all major streets including Wilmington Ave., Rosecrans Ave., Compton, El Segundo, Greenleaf, Artesia and Long Beach Boulevards. She says Central Avenue reconstruction will begin in the next 30 days.  It is expected that residents will begin seeing street resurfacing before the end of the year as the City of Compton plans to take advantage of California’s I-BANK Program that provides cities with funding for infrastructure up-front with a low-interest repayment plan. The I-BANK program will allow residents to enjoy the benefits of Measure P before the end of 2016 and create jobs for local residents.


If passed, Compton will join South Gate, South El Monte, La Mirada, Santa Monica and Com­merce who have all voted to raise their sales tax to support infrastructure improvements and who have enjoyed increased tax revenue, economic development and business patronage.


“We can’t move Compton forward alone,” Mayor Brown added.  “We need your support to fund our aggressive plan to transform our and secure Compton’s future. I promised you that I wouldn’t propose anything to raise your property taxes. I promised a plan that would allow everyone to pay their fair share—not just homeowners, but renters, visitors, and daytime workers alike.  Every resident and taxpayer deserves to drive on smooth and clean streets and that’s what Measure P will deliver.”


Councilmember Isaac Galvan said, “Measure P is critical to restoring the city’s streets, lighting, parks and improving public safety.  The City of Compton’s street system has been neglected for over 25 years with many residential streets that haven’t been paved in over 50 years.  The cost of restoring the city’s street system is $125 Million according to our 2014 citywide engineering assessment concluded.  But Measure P will not only repave every street in Compton in the next 5 to 7 years, it will set aside funding for maintenance to ensure that the streets never degrade again.”


There is built-in mandatory citizen oversight and quarterly reporting with Measure P so that residents and taxpayers can monitor how much money is raised and where it’s allocated.  Additionally, the city will have an entire year to complete the Strategic Plan Process that will incorporate the priorities of residents when programming park restoration funding and major investments in public safety, youth and senior programming. 


“Measure P is Compton’s own economic stimulus program and will create a mandatory minimum of 35% local hiring for Compton residents and priority bidding for local businesses and contractors per our city’s Local Hiring Ordinance and Community Benefits Legislation approved by the Council in 2013,” said Mayor Brown.  “Most importantly, Measure P does not have a sunset clause which will allow the city to reduce property taxes for homeowners in the long term.”


The City of Compton will host an information town hall meeting on Measure P on Saturday, June 4 at 10 a.m. at the Dollarhide Community Center located at 301 N. Tamarind Avenue.  Following the town hall meeting Mayor Brown will host a Yes on Measure P GOTV rally at 195 E. Compton Blvd. in the Renaissance Plaza.  More information on Measure P can be found at yesonmeasurep.org.


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