June 02, 2016 

Sentinel News Service 


Los Angeles is home to some of the most expansive diversity in the world. Despite our colorful cultural landscape, we still struggle to completely eliminate all forms of bigotry as is evidenced by recent remarks aimed at Council President Herb Wesson. While constituents have the right to freely express themselves without prosecution, this freedom should not include language that degrades and disrespects with the intention of threatening peace.


The City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission (City HRC) stands firm in its commitment to facilitate public discourse absent of hate. While we have made tremendous strides in promoting pluralistic values, there is more work to do. For every incident that attempts to dismantle peace, we will fight back with even more displays of unification, respect, and tolerance.


Los Angeles will continue to be one of the most desirable global destinations not simply because of our surface beauty. Instead, we shall maintain our attractiveness by boldly refusing to allow anyone to rob us of the harmony that fuels our "shine."


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