May 26, 2016


March 21 – April 19 

With Venus joining the Sun in Gemini, it's time to get out and network with key people. And you could even find yourself attracted to someone on the spur of the moment. Go easy, though. Because Mars is currently retrograde, it could turn out to be an on-and-off relationship. You'll also find that an emotional or financial issue could resurface as Mars backs into Scorpio on Friday. This can be the perfect time to resolve debt issues and get back on track. 



May 21 - Jun 20 

Lovely Venus leaves your sign for Gemini and your personal financial sector on Tuesday, where it could encourage you to indulge your love of shopping. As it also links to Mars, you might be lusting after a certain item you're determined to buy (whether you have the money or not). Also, you could experience difficulties concerning a romantic relationship. If you can't decide whether to take things further or stay friends, it might be best to bide your time for now! 



May 21 - Jun 20 

You could decide to change your image this week when delectable Venus eases into your sign and entices you to think about a makeover. Perhaps you'll opt for a different hair color or be determined to revamp your closet. An awkward tie between Jupiter and Saturn on Thursday could bring to a head a key issue concerning family or a partner. This conflict may have been going on for some while, but now you're ready to do something about it. 



 Jun 21 - Jul 22 

If you've been having problems with your boss or someone else at work, this week's blend of energies could see you eager to resolve it once and for all. It might be possible to compromise, but it's also likely that now that Jupiter is direct the worst is over and things will get better. With Venus joining the Sun in a more secluded sector of your chart on Tuesday, you could become aware of latent skills and creative abilities that are worth exploring. 



Jul 23 - Aug 22 

Your social sector lights up as Venus sashays into Gemini to join the Sun. This is one of the better times for dating, romancing, and generally enjoying life. However, Tuesday could also bring powerful forces into play as Venus ties with fervent Mars. If you're on a date or encounter someone you feel attracted to, try to go easy. With Mars spinning backward, things may not turn out as you hope. Later, be prepared for further changes to home and family issues. 



 Aug 23 - Sep 22 

Get ready to charm the socks off a boss or superior or smile sweetly and persuade someone in authority to let you off the hook. Venus in the topmost sector of your chart lends you extra charisma, making it easier to get your way. Even so, an awkward connection between Jupiter and Saturn hints that you may feel restrained by responsibilities at home. Delegate where you can, but know that during the next few weeks this situation looks like it should get easier.



Sep 23 - Oct 22 

As Venus dances into Gemini on Tuesday, you may be seeking a love adventure or eager to explore far horizons and encounter new people. Anything exotic, fresh, and different might appeal to you and could encompass tastes in food, clothes, and anything you purchase. Once Mars dips back into Scorpio and your sector of finances, you'll have a second chance to get your accounts in order and sort out any debt. Recycling might also appeal to you at this time 



Oct 23 - Nov 21 

Your sector of shared assets, intimacy, and transformation takes on a positive hue as Venus joins the Sun in this sector. Beware though, as powerful desires could see you splurging or falling in lust with someone on a moment's notice. Think of the consequences before you do anything you might regret later. Mars zips back into your sign on Friday, which can mean that emotional issues you thought were finished might not be. Now is the time to liberate yourself. 



Nov 22 - Dec 21 

Those love vibes may be loud and clear when Venus dances into your sector of relating on Tuesday and brings a schmoozy quality to your romantic life. It's just as helpful for closing deals and organizing business meetings. However, with a potent blend of energies coming to a head on Thursday, you might feel as though your progress is being blocked. The good news is that things look set to get much better from this point on, particularly in the coming weeks. 



Dec 22 - Jan 19 

With a focus on your lifestyle sector, you could be motivated to tweak your health routines. Venus moves into this sector on Tuesday, so you may need to push yourself to exercise daily or stick to that diet. What you really need is confidence and belief in yourself, even if it's been shaken lately. Jupiter is now forging ahead, so you'll find that you become a lot more self-assured and better able to handle problems and take on challenges.



Jan 20 - Feb 18 

Could love be in the air? Maybe. Anything is possible with Venus dancing into your romantic sector on Tuesday. And if you've been out of the dating loop for some time, this can be an opportunity to get back into it and enjoy mixing and mingling with new people. The emphasis is on lighthearted, fun liaisons that you should thoroughly enjoy. As of Friday, Mars zips back into your career sector to encourage you to complete any unfinished business. 



Feb 19 - Mar 20 

You might be in the mood to try some redecorating and generally get your place looking shipshape. With Venus easing into your sector of family and home, this could be an opportunity to beautify your environment and make it cozier. With Mars backing into Scorpio and your travel and adventure zone on Friday, you might need to address an issue you thought was over and done with. It isn't. Now you'll have a second chance to finally resolve it. 

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