March 10, 2016 



Early in the week you might feel nothing but frustration with your lover. It appears that the two of you have very different ideologies concerning a certain matter. Or, it's possible that opposing spiritual views are starting to drive a wedge between you. Do your best to cool off and prevent this from becoming an outright argument. Instead, take the high road. If you can accept each other's differences, you'll be back in that fairytale romance by Sunday. 



You might fight with your lover early in the week about money. If the two of you are sharing resources, it's possible that a difference of opinion regarding how to allocate funds will quickly escalate to something ugly. You'll feel especially aggravated if your partner threatens to withhold money for any reason. The good news is that if you appeal to your mate's sentimental side and explain how much a certain investment means to you, he or she is likely to soften up by Sunday. 



You'll have little to no patience this week for your partner. In particular, if he or she reveals the slightest hint of resentment towards you as you pursue a career goal, you'll likely go bonkers. It's one thing for your partner to miss you because you're spending more time at the office. It's another thing entirely to feel manipulated or guilty about trying to get ahead. You shouldn't have to choose between love and career. If you feel that way this week, there's a problem.



An office romance could get tricky this week. Timing might be off between you and your prospective lover. Or, it's possible that the two of you will get caught in a compromising position on company time. If this happens, you may have quite a situation on your hands to deal with! The good news is that by Sunday you and your partner will be in a place where you can easily enjoy bliss together. Soul level connections are yours for the taking. 



Love might be rocky terrain for you early this week. You might feel yourself holding back from your lover emotionally, physically or even materially. If this happens, ask yourself why you're suddenly feeling so vulnerable. It's likely that your mate will trigger one of your more sensitive spots that connect to where you've been hurt in the past. As a result, you may build up a wall without even realizing why.



Family tension might get in the way of any romance -- at least early in the week. A domestic situation might require your attention and if so, you'll definitely not be in the mood. Another possibility is that you and your partner are at odds over a decision you need to reach about your family life. Fortunately, by Sunday all will be easy breezy again. Venus and Neptune embrace in your partnership sector allowing you to forget about the bad and focus on what's good.



Don't put your foot in your mouth this week. The worst thing you could do is talk to anyone you work with about your love life. Before you know it, you might be the subject of vicious gossip. Or, it's possible that one of your colleagues will offer unsolicited advice about your relationship. Do what you can to avoid engaging in what will only turn into an argument. Keep private matters private.



While you'll want to see the very best in your current romantic potential, it's possible that your sweetie will ruffle your feathers. It's possible that you will have a contentious exchange with your lover about a financial situation. It can be as simple as one of you always footing the bill for dinners out and suddenly resenting it. Be aware. Thankfully, by the end of the week you'll be all about unconditional love again. Money won't matter. 



You and your sweetheart might have a major blow up early in the week connected to a domestic situation. Perhaps you're not agreeing on a decorating or renovation project. This might also be about how much money you want to spend on sprucing up your living space. Fortunately, by the end of the week you'll have it all figured out. In fact, you'll realize that you were actually fighting over something that really didn't matter in the first place.



You might feel an extra sense of frustration at your partner if you're asked to remain quiet about something he or she confides to you. Whatever this matter is about, you're likely to disagree about the level of secrecy around it. In fact, you're likely to feel that the only way out of this dilemma is through it -- by calling the elephant in the room. The problem is, your partner might not agree and if so, you'll need to respect that 



If you recently decided to become romantically involved with a friend, you might experience a bit of frustration early in the week. Things between you may quickly turn from hot to cold and if so, the complications will be more than you bargained for. Do what you can to diffuse a major eruption before either one of you does or says something regrettable. If things are going well in your love life however, by Sunday your partner will continue to boost your overall confidence and self-worth. 



You'll want to focus on your love life exclusively this week. Unfortunately, this might come at the expense of your professional success. If you're tempted to blow off one of your career responsibilities in favor or romance be aware that it's certain to get back to your boss. Make those decisions carefully! Fortunately, by Sunday everything appears to be back in your favor. Everyone will see the very best you have to offer.

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