January 28, 2016 


March 21 – April 19 

Difficulties may start to melt away as Mercury forges ahead in your zone of career and life purpose. Plans that were delayed can now be set in motion with a good chance that they'll begin to materialize. You might want to look more deeply into one opportunity, as it may not be quite what it seems. Ask yourself what your motives are for getting involved. The answer could be very revealing. The weekend brings the chance of a love tryst, along with some useful information. 



May 21 - Jun 20 

Venus is in Capricorn and your travel sector, so this may be the ideal opportunity to make some plans with a friend or loved one, particularly if you want to escape to sunny climes. With Mercury now pushing forward, as of Monday, there will be fewer delays or unexpected detours. The Sun in your career sector encourages you to reflect on your plans. Now is the time to think outside the box when working on a strategy to get a promotion or pay raise.



May 21 - Jun 20 

The week begins on an upbeat note as Mercury, your personal planet, turns direct after its three-week retrograde. And with Mercury currently moving through your zone of shared resources, you may experience fewer delays and find that a loan or credit you applied for shows up sooner rather than later. In the meantime, you might need to reflect on a decision you made earlier, especially if you didn't have enough information at the time. The weekend brings an opportunity for a liaison with a difference. 



 Jun 21 - Jul 22 

If other people have been reneging on promises and dodging responsibilities, things could change as Mercury spins forward starting Monday. You may experience a sense of relief as things get back to normal. And with Venus now moving through Capricorn, someone's attitude toward you could seem a lot sweeter and more considerate than it has in a while. You might want to arrange a date for Saturday, which could help rekindle the spark of passion. On Sunday, a piece of news could surprise you!



Jul 23 - Aug 22 

If life at work has been full of delays and frustration causing you to tear your hair out, things should improve from Monday. Mercury dances forward once again, which should help you get back on track. But when it comes to signing an important agreement, you might need to give it a little more in-depth analysis. A cursory glance could prove costly. Are you ready for some fun this weekend? If so, a special Venus/Neptune alignment could encourage a romantic liaison. 



Aug 23 - Sep 22 

You could feel a sense of relief as the logjam finally gives way, bringing a chance to get a creative project underway. If you've felt frustrated by a lack of progress in recent weeks, that could all be about to change. You'll also feel at home with the Sun in your zone of lifestyle and routines, as it encourages you to rethink your wellness strategy. You may find that a personal trainer can help you make wiser choices that you'd never have considered otherwise. 



Sep 23 - Oct 22 

It's all systems go on the home front as Mercury dances ahead, starting Monday. Get moving on household projects! If you've been thinking of buying or selling some real estate, it's a green light on that score, too. With the Sun now in your leisure sector, it's time to ease off the brake a little, kick back, and enjoy yourself. If your love life needs a little extra sparkle, this is the time to take a short break or enjoy a few date nights. 



Oct 23 - Nov 21 

If promises were broken and you feel disappointed, things should begin to pick up from Monday as Mercury pushes forward once again. One or two conversations should be enough to assure you that the person involved had their own issues to deal with. Reaching out and making amends could go a long way to restoring your faith in each other in the future. A lovely link between Venus and Neptune on Saturday could entice you out to a concert or a feel-good movie. 



Nov 22 - Dec 21 

If frustration about personal finances has left you feeling fraught, things should improve from Monday. Delays may soon vanish and money flow your way as Mercury spins forward once again. There could be a good reason to revisit a decision made recently, especially if you're wondering about the wisdom of it. Talk things over with an expert who can advise you on the right course of action. Come the weekend, you'll be ready for a little excitement! 



Dec 22 - Jan 19 

It's all systems go from Monday as Mercury finally forges ahead again. If you've been putting off the moment of truth regarding signing a deal or committing to a course of action, you can now go ahead. If you have reservations, be sure to check them out before you sign on the dotted line. Things may have changed in recent weeks. The Venus/Neptune tie can make for a very romantic tryst with a significant other or love interest over the weekend.



Jan 20 - Feb 18 

The Sun in your sign encourages you to get started on ideas and projects that have personal meaning for you. It's an opportunity to express your individuality and garner support for plans you can't manage alone. Besides, collaborating with good buddies can be fun, especially when they're firmly on your wavelength. If you get an intuitive hunch to take someone out to dinner or call a friend over the weekend, pay attention. It could work in your favor. 



Feb 19 - Mar 20 

If friends have let you down in the recent past, this may be about to change. On Monday, Mercury pushes forward in your social sector. It wasn't necessarily their fault, as they may have had their own problems to deal with. In the spirit of goodwill, be sure to arrange a get-together or celebration for those in your circle, including anyone you're a tad disappointed with. Let them know that all is well and you'll soon be back on track again. 

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