September 24, 2015



March 21-April19 

Curb impatience when the demands made upon you are greater than you can honestly fulfill. Rather than head for the hills, consider delegating some of your work as a way around the problem. Later this week the accent shifts from fun to work as Mars zips into Virgo. The focus zeroes in on job and lifestyle matters. You may find you're a lot more competitive than you have been and eager to enhance efficiency. Still, the weekend could bring delays, so stay cool. 



April 20-May 20 

The Sun dances into Libra this week to light up your zone of health and lifestyle. If you've been working hard and pushing yourself lately, this influence can serve as a reminder to take some time out. Consider a spa day, massages, and a little pampering. Mars stirs up your romance sector from Thursday, perhaps making you more determined to impress a certain person. You'll prove your worth by showing how supportive, caring, and quietly helpful you can be. 



May 21- June21 

This week's Quarter Moon suggests conflicts could arise if one person considers details important while another views them as irrelevant. Embracing both ends of the spectrum can give you a new perspective on things. Later, the Sun lights up your zone of fun, entertainment, and romance. It's time to kick back and enjoy yourself, whether that means playing sports, going on vacation, or becoming more creative. Mars in your home zone could see you eager to get organized. 



June 22- July22 

A friend or business partner could be trying to attract your attention. Perhaps some of your plans seem unrealistic or ill thought out and they're eager to give you some advice. However, Mars jogging into Virgo from Thursday could inspire you to look at things from a more practical viewpoint. Perhaps you'll see flaws that you hadn't noticed before, helping you to put together a strategy that can lead to success. Later, relaxing at home can be restorative. 



July 23- August 22 

Monday's Quarter Moon could cause you to vacillate between practicality and frugality on the one hand and extravagance and generosity on the other. You'll find the right balance eventually. You may be more motivated to increase your income once Mars enters your financial zone on Friday. Make a point of editing your resume and including as many skills and talents as possible. This could be crucial in finding the perfect job. Later, a romantic message could put a smile on your face! 



August 23- September 22 

With Jupiter maintaining its link to Neptune, it helps to keep your feet on the ground. While you're usually very practical, you could get carried away by someone's sales talk or persuasive tones. If in doubt, ask a friend for their take on things. Later, the Sun's move into Libra lights up your financial sector, encouraging you to set goals and consider your plans for the coming months. Write them down! Your vitality gets a boost as Mars inspires you to make progress.



September 23- October 22 

If your social calendar has been overbooked, the cosmos is encouraging you to turn to quieter and perhaps more spiritual pursuits. It's a chance to reflect on your thoughts and feelings and get acquainted with your heart's desires. Mars may have the effect of stirring up your psyche from Thursday, encouraging vivid dreams, inspired ideas, and intuitive hunches. Use them to help navigate through the ups and downs of life. The Sun enters your sign on Wednesday, boosting your vitality. 



October 23- November 21 

Networking is a good way to boost business and get ahead. Jupiter's presence in your social sector is certainly encouraging you to move in new circles and enjoy meeting other people. However, you might need to strike more of a balance between work and rest as the Sun jogs into Libra and your spiritual zone. You're entering a natural phase in which it helps to take time out to relax and recharge. You'll still want to party, but you'll also enjoy some quiet time. 



November 22- December 21 

The unexpected words or actions of someone you care about could leave you unsettled, but any hard feelings won't last. Unfortunately, an intense attraction may not last either! Certain tensions could put you on the spot, but as the Sun dances into Libra on Wednesday you'll begin to find your social equilibrium. Mars encourages you to get a move on regarding a key goal or plan. The more you research the details, the easier it will be to succeed. 



December 22- January 19 

Strong desires enhance your feelings for someone who may be related to the past. A sudden burst of excitement can encourage a secret meeting or bring them swiftly into your social circle. However, the intensity you feel could later ease, allowing things to simmer along nicely. Your career sector lights up as the Sun dances in midweek, encouraging you to take stock of your goals and priorities. Don't allow yourself to get so busy that you lose your work/life balance. 



January20- February 18 

Finances continue to flourish, although you'll need to keep your feet on the ground early in the week. Don't be swayed by ideas that may be a little impractical. You'll be ready to go exploring as the Sun dances into Libra and your travel sector. If you haven't yet booked a vacation, maybe you should look into it. Shared finances and business matters get a boost from Mars starting on Thursday. You'll be motivated to overcome problems and make good progress.



February 19- March20 

Your social life and relationships continue to look buoyant and upbeat, which is bound to put a smile on your face. However, as Jupiter links with Neptune early on, don't take everyone at face value. If you find it difficult to understand where someone is coming from, ask a friend for advice. You'll also find business matters and shared resources come into focus from midweek, encouraging you to take a look at your priorities and make wise choices.

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