July 26, 2012



Hidden resentments could surface and you’ll want to be able to gracefully back away from arguments this week. Appreciate the good vibrations and ignore the negative. You’ll be doing the universe’s work! Soul Affirmation: What I’ve been waiting for has been here all along.



Charming, simply charming is what you are this week!  Use your sparkle to set a few dreams in motion by meeting with those who can help you move forward. Wow! Have you got it going on!   Keep your spontaneous side in check this week. Soul Affirmation: I know that enjoyment is a state of mind this week.



Think things through before you act. Concentrate on small details. They will make the difference between success and failure in your endeavors this week.  Don’t go for the gusto just yet, your ideas need to be massaged a bit more before you present them openly. Call that special someone that has been on your mind. Soul Affirmation: True friendship is a mirror into which I look to see the beauty of my inner self.



Your financial constraints will soon come to an end. Meanwhile, make a game of spending less. See how long you can go without letting loose a dime and you will be in a better position to make decisions about bigger ticket items soon. Start thinking about where you would like to take a short excursion. Soul Affirmation: I paint my world in colors of the rainbow.



For the past two weeks you have been playing it safe. Now you can live on the edge a little. Luck is back with you again. You’ll be aware of love prospects lingering around you. You’ll see that your career is full of bright possibilities. Now is a good time to take a chance. Soul Affirmation: Self-confidence is the key to my success this week.



Flexibility is the word for this week. Don’t insist on being right, even if you think you are. You will gain more this week if you allow others the freedom to have their way rather than insisting that people do things your way. Soul Affirmation: He who doesn’t ask will remain a fool forever.



You don’t have to worry about being alone in the journey that you have undertaken. You are on this path because someone guided you. Take the memory of their guidance as comfort and keep on trucking. Soul Affirmation: Things are as I know them to be.



Commit to a way this week, lucky archers! You are developing your craft by practice and more practice. Accept recognition gracefully, and keep on task. You are investing in your art this week. Soul Affirmation: Goodness is its own reward.



Your word this week is “Persistence.” Keep at the task of persuading others that your idea or vision is as remarkable as you know it is. You just need to get the word out, and you need to be persistent in your efforts. Make a game out of it and have fun! Soul Affirmation: Often it’s not what I say but the way I say it that gets the message across



 Results that seemed like they would never show up may arrive this week, and it will make you very happy. Keep the feeling this week in mind so that you’ll remember and benefit from it next time you are impatiently waiting for an outcome. Everything is working to your good. Soul Affirmation: I give thanks for the chance to give.



Your exciting and adventurous self will want to come out and play. You’ll be happiest if you are exploring something, and then topping it off with a visit to a restaurant that serves something you’ve never tried before. Live it up at the banquet of life this week! Soul Affirmation: When I am clear about who I am, the world becomes clearer.



Watch for that item you’ve been wanting to be on sale at a good price this week. While you are feeling pretty confident with money, you don’t want to splurge or overspend just yet. Keep your eye out for bargains for a little while longer! Soul Affirmation: This week I find joy in the gifts that life has already given me.

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