August 21, 2014


Aries March 21 – April 19


Courage and vitality are strong, so put your energy to good use and reap the results. The accent on leisure and pleasure continues, when the chance to goof off and do things you enjoy can help recharge your batteries. However, go easy if you need to sign an agreement or have detailed work to do, as there is potential for mistakes unless you take extra care. The Sun's move into Virgo on Friday ushers in a time of year when the focus turns to health and lifestyle issues.




Taurus April 20 – May 20


Certain people may seem more opinionated than usual, and perhaps given to extremes of behavior. It might help to calm a tricky situation by talking things through before they come to a head. The accent on home and family matters brings relaxation and relief, though it pays not to upset the apple cart. Go easy when it comes to romance, as someone may not be as they seem. There are attractive options, but remember that all that glitters is not necessarily gold.




Gemini May 21 – June 21


You may feel somewhat stressed if too many demands are made on your time and energy. This week's alignment suggests this could be the case unless you take steps to delegate work and ease the pressure. Plus, if you face delays, it might be easier to go with the flow than try and force the pace. On a positive note, friends and family have your best interests at heart and will want to step in with bright suggestions if they suspect you're feeling overwhelmed.




Cancer June 22 – July 22


There's too much positive potential showing up around you to let negative thinking win out this week. If someone insists on talking about their problems and it's getting to you, you may need to have a word. You're in your element when it comes to financial matters. Confidence and ease could be the catalysts for ideas that bring in extra cash. The more creative you can be with your money, the more money you'll have to enjoy.




Leo July 23 – August 22


You may feel like strutting your stuff and sharing your natural genius with the world, but you could be stopped in your tracks by issues at home, where there could be a setback. However, it won't help to vent or dramatize the situation. Insight and understanding could help you get to the bottom of things if all else fails. In addition, asking for help may be necessary if you've come to the end of your tether. Later, cast a glance at your finances, as doing so could save you money.




Virgo August 23 – September 22


If you've been caught up in dreams and fantasies, the week ahead brings an opportunity to restore them to life. While there's still a focus on your spiritual sector, the days ahead spotlight a shift as the Sun moves into your sign. Pick one goal that appeals to you and start some serious planning. On another note, you may hit a brick wall in your interaction with a certain person. Resist the urge to keep trying, as things will likely sort themselves out.




 Libra September 23 – October 22


Social pursuits bring the most pleasure over the week ahead. If it's a lighthearted social buzz you want, you can have that and a lot more besides. Dating and romance may figure strongly in your plans, with opportunities to rekindle the bond in a long-term partnership or spice up your options concerning a new love affair. You could be strapped for cash over the weekend due to no fault of your own, so keep some money in reserve for everyday bits and pieces.




Scorpio October 23 – November 21


Be as cooperative as you can, but don't let others distract you from achieving your objectives. Keep your priorities in front of you and try to stick to them. This sounds easy in principle, but in practice you may find that obstacles and delays prevent you from moving ahead. Try not to let this get to you, as with just a little patience things may be quickly resolved. In addition, your social life perks up pleasantly, giving you an outlet for restless energy.




Sagittarius November 22 – December 21


With the current alignment giving you a craving for action, you have an abundance of energy for activities that are strictly fun, exciting, and adventurous. However, as the Sun joins Mercury in Virgo and your career sector, you may be drawn back down to earth and to more mundane activities. Focusing on your job and business and career issues could be very profitable if you're willing to make a plan and see it through to the end. On a spiritual note, meditation may enhance relaxation when you most need it.




Capricorn December 22 – January 19


Your social life could disappoint if you allow a certain person to get you down. You might need to firm up your boundaries and tell them in no uncertain terms that the behavior won't be tolerated. You can go on to enjoy yourself once you get this out of the way. In addition, finances continue to look good and could get even better if you're willing to use your creative abilities to earn extra cash. Plus, travel and adventure may appeal, particularly if you're in need of a vacation.




Aquarius January 20 – February 18


A misunderstanding or skewed judgment is a real possibility, so don't take anything at face value, especially regarding financial matters. If you need to sign anything, double-check to make sure it's OK. In addition, participation in a social or group-sponsored event can have many benefits for an important relationship. It's worth your while to get busy planning your social calendar for the weeks ahead. Regarding a career matter, delays may work in your favor if you can avoid impatience.




Pisces February 19 – March 20


There may be a restless energy present that if channeled constructively could result in a golden opportunity. Rather than indulge a desire to enjoy yourself, put some effort into work or career goals. It could pay big dividends. Later, the focus shifts to your relationship sector as the Sun joins Mercury in Virgo. Over the coming weeks you may benefit from the practical advice of a friend, partner, or co-worker, especially if you act on it. However, delays around travel plans could cause frustration.


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