June 19, 2014


LAWT News Service


Micah Ali, Compton Unified School District Board president, recently urged Governor Edmund G.  Brown, Jr. to support a $1 billion investment over five years in Early Care and Education and Transitional Kindergarten.


“Governor Brown has shown himself to be a champion of education for children from families at all levels of income, especially low-income families that would benefit the most from his sponsorship of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF),” Ali said.


“CFF is already helping tens of thousands of children including many from Compton.


“But we call on Governor Brown to join the Legislature in investing more money into Early Care and Education and Transitional Kindergarten.


“By reinvesting $1 billion over five years in early childhood education, specifically the California State Preschool Program, CalWORKS Program, General Childcare, and the Alternative Payment Program the Governor would empower even better outcomes from all children, particularly those in lower income communities,” he said.


“Bolstering preschool and childcare programs strengthens Cali­fornia’s entire education system. Every child deserves a strong start in life, and it’s time for California to lead the way in providing early education for all,” he added.


“The children in Compton are making great strides in improving academic achievement and raising test scores at schools that had previously been lacking in achievement.  In addition to the dedication of our trustees, administrators, teachers and parents, Governor Brown and Superintendent Tom Torlakson can be credited with helping achieve those results.


“But we need more help,” Ali said. “Early childhood education is one of the best investments we can make, as it helps ensure that all children have the cognitive, motor, literacy and social skills needed to be successful throughout their academic careers. From birth to the age of five, children’s brains undergo the most explosive growth, forming the capacity for their future success.”


He joined many of his colleagues around the state in urging the Governor to support more funding for Early Care and Education.


Compton Unified School District serves the communities of Carson, Compton, East & West Rancho Dominguez, Enterprise, Mona Park, Rosewood, and Willowbrook.

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