April 24, 2014

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Her father was once the IBF heavyweight champion of the world, giving Mike Tyson one of his toughest fights, her mother was a single-mom who struggled to make a way for her, but today Kahla Tucker has more than a fighting chance to become a major star in the music and entertainment industry.

A singer, songwriter, and all around performer “KAHLA” is a hot up and coming artist from Carson.

Twenty years ago Kimberly Jackson and Former Heavyweight Champion Boxer of the world Tony TNT Tucker welcomed Kahla Michelle Tucker to the world and the rest is history.

Kahla lived in three different states within her life including California, Las Vegas, and Grapid Rapids. Kahla spent a lot of her toddler years traveling around the world, in and out of hotels, and surrounded by adults a majority of the time due to the fast life of her father’s career.

During this period music became the only consistent thing in her life. Her mother played a lot of Luther Vandross, Gladys Knight, Marvin Gay, and the Temptations , while her father played a lot of Tupac, NWA, UGK, and B.I.G. Growing up with a mixture of two different styles of music Kahla inevitably grew up with a hunger to mix both R&B and HIPHOP music together to create something beautiful in which she brings to her music today.

Kahla has been performing since the tender age of four where she performed her first song at her kindergarten graduation in Grand Rapids Michigan. After she was bit by the love bug of performing she continued performing all the time.

She performed at graduation ceremonies at the Carson Com­munity Center put together by her local daycare “Tweets Childcare” and briefly danced at birthday parties with a dance group put on by a Popular hip hop clown “Tommy The Clown.” 

By age six she joined a neighborhood cheer and football organization the “Carson Colts” in which she believes molded her into the performer she is today.

The Colts performed all around Southern California and other states including Las Vegas, Nevada at huge arenas such as the Aladdin and the Orleans. She cheered with the Carson Colts consecutively all up until she was a freshman in high school and cheered for Long Beach Millikan where she attended, while briefly cheering with an all star team as well. During the conclusion of her junior year of high school she decided to quit cheerleading and take her dream seriously.

She attended the Wendy Raquel Robinson’s Amazing Grace Conservatory (AGC) of singing, dancing, and acting in Los Angeles where she won an auditioned and fell in love with the stage all over again.

Following her Senior year in High School she left the sunny skies and palm trees of Southern California to continue her dream at Columbia College Chicago, majoring in musical theatre and minoring in dance.  Kahla spent her freshman and sophomore year studying music including watching videos of her music idols Michael Jackson and Beyoncé for countless amount of hours. It wasn't until the summer before starting her junior year in college that she decided to come out with a project of her own motivated by a relationship breakup.

“I felt that it wasn’t a more appropriate time then now to release my own music. My friends and family knew that I sang but I had nothing to show for it other than taped performances. I had a lot to say. I’d seen enough and gone through enough whether it be relationship wise, emotionally, whatever to where I felt I had a voice...or a story in which everyone, but specifically women could relate to. I think the best part of my music is that it’s relatable and it’s honest. That’s important to me because music is the one thing that brings people together. So I got my pen and paper, teamed up with some producers from New York called TheNiteShift and basically a year later here we are.”

This is just the beginning for this rising artist. The journey officially begins...

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