April 03, 2014

LAWT News Service


“Fundraising is important, but in the end I will win this race based on my reputation, track record, and the rapport with parents, teachers, students, and the community,” said  Dr. George McKenna, who is said to be the front runner in the race for LAUSD’s District 1 seat, to replace the late Marguerite Lamotte.

Recently, the City Ethics Commission released the first round of public disclosure statements detailing contributions and expenditures for each candidate running in the District 1 special election.  The financial disclosures showed McKenna raising $57,825.98.

“I am pleased with the amount of contributions that I’ve received so far,” he said.  “Since declaring my candidacy, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time reuniting and meeting with teachers, parents, and former students that I’ve been involved with throughout my career.  The response has been overwhelming with many of them excited about reaching out to their network of colleagues, friends, and family to discuss their support of me for the school board.”

McKenna’s experience places him head and shoulders above his competition, said his campaign supporters.  

“Because of his track record within LAUSD and his reputation among students, teachers, and parents, he is confident he will raise the funds necessary to win a competitive campaign,” they said.

“None of the other candidates can match my experience,” McKenna added.

“I don’t need to spend $113,000 to get people to know my name.  People already know my name and my experience is unmatched.  I’m raising money to let people know I’m in the race.  Once they know I’m in the race, the community will vote for me.”

LAUSD Board District 1 spans from Windsor Hills to the southwest, Cheviot Hills to the northwest, Hancock Park to the north, University Park to the northeast and parts of Gardena to the southeast. The special election will be held during the June 3  state primary ballot, with a runoff if no candidate reaches fifty percent plus one vote scheduled for August 12.

For more information on the campaign, visit www.electmckenna.com and follow @ElectMcKenna on Twitter and on Facebook at facebook.com/ElectMcKenna.  Trending on Twitter at #ElectMcKenna.

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