January 23, 2014



At work, some matters have been on hold but now you will get the green light. Continue to work as diligently as you have been in the pass to ensure success. Have faith that your plans are on target. Soul Affirmation: Anticipation of a beautiful immediate future lights up my week. Lucky Numbers: 18, 53, 54



A message this week may necessitate travel on your part, and you may feel obligated to do something you don’t want to. Let the energy flow past you and do what you think is best. Who you are is who you are—be glad about it! Soul Affirmation: People love me when I love them. Lucky Numbers: 9, 22, 41



Use better judgment with regard to financial matters. Stop rationalizing. Money is important. Do something about the fact that you might find yourself broke more often than you wish. Continuing to deny it will delay doing something about it. Soul Affirmation: I find comfort in the familiar. Lucky Numbers: 1, 22, 51



This week make your spiritual interest pay off in cash. Enough of goodness for goodness sake. You’ve got bills to pay. People expect generosity from a big hearted person like you. Ask them for something in return or they’ll drain you. Soul Affirmation: I call on my creative talents to pay my bills. Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 8



Compromise to get what you want this week. You’ll want to meet others half-way, and in the long run, you’ll get what you want anyway. You can afford to be gracious and giving. Do it with all your heart and soul. Soul Affirmation: My emotions provide me a pathway into the sunshine of my being. Lucky Numbers: 6, 17, 43



Money matters may seem a little unstable this week; postpone a shopping trip. On the plus side, however, your friends are unusually supportive and wonderful. You’ll enjoy conversations and being with another, especially after dark! Soul Affirmation: I enjoy working with others this week. Lucky Numbers: 19, 30, 50



Personal goals are important to you this week, and you’ll want to budget some time to spend on formulating plans for your brilliant future. Something that happens without your knowledge is going to prove to be a huge benefit. Enjoy your lucky streak! Soul Affirmation: My life itself is my greatest creation. Lucky Numbers: 7, 40, 43



Your straight-up attitude is going to come in handy this week. Plain talk is favored; keep it simple so others will understand where you’re coming from. You’ll get a lot done if you stick to a plan this week. Soul Affirmation: I forgive, forget and keep on moving towards my good fortune. Lucky Numbers: 1, 29, 31



This is a good week to think about long-term plans. Your mind is clear and your vision of things to come will be lighted by your razor-sharp instincts. All week long be careful not to sound too sarcastic when you tell people stuff that you know and they don’t. Soul Affirmation: I keep my eyes open for the love that is everywhere. Lucky Numbers: 17, 18, 20



The clever way you think could expose you to an experience for you unlike any you’ve had recently. Move forward. Get into it. Don’t doubt your ability to handle it. Don’t let your mind get crowded with too much useless information. Love is simpler than you think. Soul Affirmation: I allow good feelings to flow into my life with ease Lucky Numbers: 6, 21, 34



If someone has told you that you are more mental than emotional, believe them. This week especially your mind will be working a mile a minute to make sure that what you feel is good for you to feel. Cover the mental processes with an emotional facade, but keep thinking about what is best. Soul Affirmation: I give special attention to special friends Lucky Numbers: 3, 45, 51



Usually you’re not much for gambling. You like to investigate and make sure before you make your move. This week you are lucky. Move on impulse. Follow your heart. Pay close attention to the love needs of your mate this week. The needs of children call. Soul Affirmation: I can be whoever I am conscious of being. Lucky Numbers: 12, 32, 53

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