December 26, 2013



You're full of extra enthusiasm and even some great new ideas as the week kicks off -- just be aware that one or two of the little things could escape you now. From sometime Tuesday through most of Thursday, home is where your heart is. Get your digs in order and settle in; you'll deeply enjoy being mellow, whether it's solo-style or with family or friends. Different, hotter energy comes your way late Thursday and extends through most of what just might be an extremely romantic weekend. Are you ready for some amazing adventure on your love path?



You're just not as practical as usual as the week begins. Avoid making any major financial moves or career decisions now, and any planning should be of the short-term variety. Then, from sometime Tuesday through Thursday, the energy's ideal for sharing your feelings; you'll recognize the right moment instead of kicking yourself later. Go on, say it! Someone you interact with on Friday or this weekend may be every bit as bullheaded as you. It's annoying, yet also intriguing. Imagine what you can accomplish if you join forces instead of butting heads!



The stars are highlighting everything that's amazing about you as the week begins. You've got a way with words that's extremely winning, and everyone's loving you. Make some moves in all areas of life! Around Wednesday and Thursday, however, it's time to stop and reassess. Get yourself to sit down and make a list of career goals, romantic ideals or just plain old errands. From Friday through most of the weekend, you've got massive can-do energy, incredible intelligence and quite the sense of adventure. You'll want to be all ready for action!



Doing something a bit out of character can be extremely liberating at the beginning of the week, though you may want to do it outside of the context of work (or at least make sure your boss isn't around!). Take a bold, positive step, and then watch the stars push you further and faster from sometime Tuesday through Thursday. Is romance on your mind? You're very good at it right now! If you're thinking about a major expenditure (financial or even emotional) around Friday or this weekend, be sure you've considered the long-term impact.



Friends are in your personal stars as the week kicks off. Workplace camaraderie feels great, and a new off-the-clock connection can truly blossom beautifully. Looks like you're in a mellow mood from sometime Tuesday through most of Thursday -- could it be that you're sorting something out? Perhaps something deep? Don't forget to let your instincts weigh in; they're excellent now. You're feeling excellent yourself starting late Thursday and through most of the weekend. Everything that's wonderful, generous, lovable and creative about you is highlighted. The world's truly your oyster!



While your mind's working splendidly as the week gets started, the brain-to-mouth connection could be a little problematic. Don't turn off that internal editor, because how you say it is just as important as what you say. Somebody, or maybe a whole crew of somebodies, is ready to lend you a hand around Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. These people could be from work, in your family or even perfect strangers. From Friday through the weekend, your challenge is to maintain flexibility, both of body and mind. Do some yoga, then change your plans at the last minute. It'll feel great.



Your mind's sharp and your instincts are good as the week gets going, and it's an excellent time to share what's in your heart. Anything (or even anyone) new is favored for you now. From sometime Tuesday through most of Thursday, however, it's best to chill out and stick with what's working. Finish up a current project instead of kicking off a fresh one, and save any major romantic stuff for later. Sometime around Friday, you'll have a more accurate big-picture view of your personal scene -- and through the weekend, the view looks better and better. Enjoy!



Handle all work-related stuff with extra care and your boss with kid gloves as the week begins. Resist the urge to do something risky. You'll be glad you did. From sometime Tuesday through most of Thursday, though, your intuition's spot-on. Oddly, getting what you want may just be a matter of letting your original plan go. Around Friday and even this weekend, stressing out is one way to react to the situation; it's up to you to find a better one. To preempt freaking out, get proper exercise and rest, and talk about what's up with you now.



Life looks busy at the beginning of the week, but don't forget to consciously choose your path. You're the captain of your destiny, and your actions speak at least as loud as your words. Relationships of all varieties figure prominently from sometime Tuesday through most of Thursday. Put the people factor first, and be ready to negotiate and compromise, rather than ignore an issue or walk away. Life looks fabulous starting later on Thursday and lasting through most of the weekend. Let your sense of fun (and some amazing luck!) be your guide.



Thinking clearly is key as the week gets under way. Figure out what makes you feel centered, grounded and high-functioning, then do it and take on the world. From sometime Tuesday through most of Thursday, you may be having that 'grass is greener' sensation. Take your desire for something different into serious consideration, but make any major changes slowly, in increments. Then take special care with work and projects on Friday and Saturday. Have a backup plan (and maybe a fire extinguisher!). Reach out on Sunday; your touch is wanted.



Get online, on the phone or in touch in any and every way as the week kicks off, especially if you have a romantic connection. You're on it when it comes to communication now. From sometime Tuesday through most of Thursday, however, it's internal talk that may occupy you. Find ways to tune into your inner voice among the busy day-to-day. That voice has something major to say! Then it's your creative powers that figure prominently from late Thursday and through the weekend. Exercise that imagination ... learn, love and live fully. On Sunday, though, don't lose track of something important.



You're much more likely to give an indirect answer than a simple yes or no as the week begins, and hey, it's your choice. Maybe you just need a little more time to think, because from sometime Tuesday through most of Thursday, you're ready for action. Romance can really heat up, and your greatness is appreciated in all areas of your life now. Take advantage of the energy to start something new. Another hint: Take particularly good care of your health from Friday through the weekend. It may be a bit delicate, so be smart and keep in balance.

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