November 28, 2013


A humanitarian cause may get you out to a meeting with others of like-mindedness this week. You’ll meet some interesting people, and also get a new view of how you are perceived by others if you go. Enjoy! Soul Affirmation: I spend the week celebrating me.
Lucky Numbers:  19, 27, 44


Everybody’s in a full-moon frenzy regarding relationship issues. Listen to what others are saying, and chart your own course through this week. If you are in a relationship, remember what brought you together with this person in the first place, and be glad for what you’ve had. Soul Affirmation: My smile is a radiant light to those I encounter
Lucky Numbers:  8, 21, 29


Your intuition is trying to tell you something. Be still for a bit and let the message come. You know when to exercise caution, and when to let go and revel in pleasure. There’s much pleasure in your life this week. Soul Affirmation: I keep my eyes open for business opportunities this week.
Lucky Numbers:  5, 12, 28


Put one of your new ideas into action this week and see how it feels as you work through your routine. You are in command of how you think this week, so use this beneficial energy to accomplish some of the things you’ve been wanting to do. Soul Affirmation: I paint my world in colors of the rainbow.
Lucky Numbers:  10, 19, 24


Every positive idea you have is likely to be challenged this week, so you may want to keep your brilliance under wraps until at least tomorrow. Your ideas are sound and good; don’t take others’ rude behavior personally. Soul Affirmation: I let go and let the spirit run my life this week
Lucky Numbers:  19, 30, 42


This week’s the week to communicate those ideas. People will seem to be much more receptive and less grouchy. Make sure that your ideas have some practical actions that can be taken, so that people will know how to respond to you. Soul Affirmation: I love many people this week
Lucky Numbers:  6, 12, 19


You are the messenger of freedom this week, and if you are not careful with your words, you’ll find that some people don’t want to be liberated. Not to worry, just go your merry way and enjoy yourself. Others will learn from what you are doing. Soul Affirmation: I let my instincts light my way this week.
Lucky Numbers:  18, 20, 45


Your creativity is pulling you in a wonderful direction. Act on your impulse to create beauty in your life. Pay attention when your nearest, dearest friend is trying to tell you something. Your impatience to get to the next project could cause you to miss a valuable signal. Soul Affirmation: Charm is my middle name this week.
Lucky Numbers:  23, 27, 54


Keep a low profile at a family get-together. Someone wants to scuffle, but won’t be able to if you don’t present yourself as a target. Your checkbook needs looking into; you’ll feel better if it’s balanced. Soul Affirmation: I am patient with all that comes my way this week.
Lucky Numbers:  32, 45, 51


Your home life is important to you this week. Get the family together to take care of some fall clean-up chores and make it a party that everyone will remember with joy. Take the lead on bringing happiness to the occasion. Soul Affirmation: I seek connection with the best that is in me.
Lucky Numbers:  23, 43, 46


Daydreaming will work wonders for your spirit this week. Let your imagination fly freely and follow up on ideas in a leisurely way. You are able to accomplish some very rewarding and life-affirming tasks. Soul Affirmation: I celebrate those around me.
Lucky Numbers:  9, 50, 52


Congratulations on your positive attitude this week! While others may be dragging, your spirit is full of   energy. Enjoy the power-surge of good feelings, and you’ll be lifting others’ spirits just by being you. Soul Affirmation: The true path is mapped out by my impulses.
Lucky Numbers:  14, 17, 19

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