November 14, 2013


  1. 1.Serra (10-0)…perfection confirmed. See you at the State Bowl game when the streak continues for the Sentinel’s regular season poll champion.
  2. 2. Long Beach Poly (9-1)…whoops there it is, the J-Rabbits have won 19 CIF-Southern Section titles and are aiming for No. 20 with St. John Bosco itching for a revenge rematch.
  3. 3.Venice (8-2)…hush ya crying about the seedings and how you have to go through Crenshaw to get to the City title game, if you can’t beat Crenshaw you don’t deserve to be champs.
  4. 4.Narbonne (8-2)…the City got it right, this is the No. 1 seed because they won the most competitive league in the section and are getting healthy at the most opportune time.
  5. 5.Crenshaw (6-4)…now we find out if that brutal Southern Section preseason was worth it.
  6. 6.San Pedro (7-3)… yea, I am leaping the Pirates over Carson after the Colts laid down like a dog and barked at the moon in the Marine League title game. Pirates can play with Narbonne.
  7. 7.Palos Verdes (8-2)…going title hunting.
  8. 8.Carson (5-5)…poof and they’re gone after two rounds of the City playoffs. Nice to know ya!
  9. 9.View Park (10-0)…I am not contending that VP could beat any of the teams in our rankings, but what I am rewarding is their undefeated season that will likely continue for coach Robert Ambers through the Div. III playoffs.
  10. 10.Dominguez (7-3)… don’t know what the Dons will do in the post season, but any Keith Donnerson team is a dangerous one. He reminds me of Stanford’s David Shaw.
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