April 18, 2013



Ease into the week (to the best of your impatient ability). Monday's about steadiness and showing how rock-solid you can be. By Tuesday and Wednesday, though, your orbit is definitely gaining speed, and your quick thinking and wit make for some real opportunities. In what areas will you direct your efforts? Around the end of the workweek, home and your comfort zone are important. Make sure you're renewing yourself amid life's bustle. As for the weekend, create a great date or find a fabulous party -- you're on fire, especially when it comes to romance!



Charge into your week on Monday, when your willpower (plus a little extra charm) can get you nearly anywhere (or anyone!). By Tuesday and Wednesday, the cosmic energy's more at odds with your nature, and you could find yourself doing something out of character -- making a sudden snap decision or just wasting time. But you find your pace again and then some at the end of the workweek; it's a stellar time to make your wishes and hopes known. (Try it in both a work and a romantic context!) As for the weekend, you'll need to take care with how you express yourself. Meet them halfway!



Monday's about being consistent -- show 'em you do indeed have the ability to follow up and follow through. Tuesday and Wednesday are much more free-form and creative; your social side's out to play, and people are loving you and your many-splendored ways. Is that love in the air? With you around, signs point to yes! But beware of moodiness or being at odds with someone close to you at the end of the workweek. Get centered and control yourself. As for the weekend, it looks both light-hearted and brainy. Find stuff to feed both your heart and head.



The odder the idea, the more you should consider it on Monday. By Tuesday and Wednesday, communication is in the stars for you, but that doesn't mean it's automatically smooth. Take care to make yourself understood, especially with family or a significant other. Then, at the end of the workweek, all your signature traits are highlighted -- you're super tuned in, and the chance of romance is high! Just think twice before taking things personally, and watch for changing moods. As for the weekend, a dramatic change for the better is in order.



Yes, you're good at what you do, but make an effort to recognize others on Monday, too -- it's all about balance. By Tuesday and Wednesday, though, things tend to balance themselves, and you're pretty much a treasure to those around you, whether in work, play or love. Hint: Ask them for their input on a certain decision -- they'll love it, and it could be surprisingly helpful. At the end of the workweek, go deeper and sustain any and all efforts. Rock-steady looks great on you. As for the weekend, you're burning hot. Get creative, and get connected!



A little difference matters a lot on Monday. Be proactive and make a minor but positive change. By Tuesday and Wednesday, work or communication issues surface -- could it be that your usual attention to detail is slipping? Reread, double-check and check in, whether it's with your boss, a friend or a certain someone. You're warm and wonderful at the end of the workweek as the give-and-take of life nurtures you, and you nurture it. Interpersonal connections, new and old, flourish now. As for the weekend, your best-laid plans may go astray -- but maybe in a great way. Be open to it!



Good manners count on Monday, and you might have to do more than your fair share in this regard. Take the high road -- you look good up there. On Tuesday or Wednesday, a one-on-one looks extremely productive. Will it be a brainstorming session, a negotiation, a heart-to-heart? Bring a new idea to whatever kind of meeting you set up. At the end of the workweek, you're focused on moving existing concepts along, tweaking and creating wiggle room (whether on the job or personally). Make plans to catch up with friends and family this weekend; those bonds need nurturing, and the nurturing can be fun.



Do your best to practice detachment on Monday -- trying to force an issue may not go well now. By Tuesday and Wednesday, you can get a better read on all sorts of situations; all you need to do is look closely, particularly before you leap (and particularly if money and other people are involved). A lesson from the past can help, too. An unusual experience creates a real bond at the end of the workweek, building work relationships or intensifying romantic ones. Seek it out if you dare (knowing you, you do!). As for the weekend, avoid work and actively de-stress.



Buckle down and deal on Monday; the stars reward steady stuff like finishing a project, calling your family and exercising. And never fear -- things get more interesting by Tuesday and Wednesday, even alarmingly so. Life looks busy now, and the potential for change is tremendous. If you want to move from talk into action, now's the time! At the end of the workweek, it's the thought that counts. Turning things over in your mind, or with a certain party, is extremely productive now. As for the weekend, anything new pleases you, and you just might take a risk -- maybe in the area of romance!



Monday's about both work and play, so create a balance in your (probably very busy) day. By Tuesday and Wednesday, the stars put the emphasis on the 'give' part of give and take. Count your lucky stars, and show the universe your thanks for what you've got. You might donate your time or hard-earned cash, and show your love to your loved ones (and, heck, even to strangers!). At the end of the workweek, are you a social butterfly or focused on one person in particular? Once again, create a little balance. And time off is actually more productive than working this weekend. Take a break!



If you're less than thrilled on Monday, the ennui shouldn't last long -- by Tuesday and Wednesday, your energy's sizzling hot. All things romance-related have a fire under them now, so get some sweet stuff cooking! The end of the workweek looks rather emotional. Will you be the master of your ups and downs -- perhaps by exercising, meditating or simply sorting through stuff in your head -- or let them master you? As for the weekend, bring your creative powers to bear when it comes to a relationship. A bright idea saves the day!



Monday's about sharing your thoughts and feelings, as well as hearing those of others. You may want to keep stuff to yourself a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday, when all things are in flux. Go with the proverbial flow -- you're great at it. Be sure to keep those options open. At the end of the workweek, love's the focus -- who are you seeing and how do they look right about now? If you're wearing rose-colored glasses, recognize it and enjoy the view. As for the weekend, your health is highlighted. Get rest instead of partying and eat right -- you know the drill.

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