April 04, 2013

By Kenneth Miller

Assistant Managing Editor


In an election that could reshape its municipal government for years to come, Inglewood voters sent a strong message to incumbent Judy Dunlap, and forged forward with Alex Padilla, George Dotson, Mike Stevens and Carliss Richardson McGhee on Tuesday April 2.

Dunlap’s stronghold on Council District -2 took a tremendous blow when candidate Padilla won 49 percent of the vote nearly winning the seat outright. In a low voter turnout, Padilla got 699 votes to Dunlap’s 450, but the Inglewood City Clerk office had yet to certify the results at Sentinel press-time. The Sentinel backed Padilla.

Padilla could conceivably win the seat after the final tally or will force the 20-year councilwoman into a runoff.

Meanwhile in Council District 1, two Sentinel endorsed candidates were forced into runoffs when George Dotson garnered 45 percent of the vote with 975, and Mike Stevens came in second with 31 percent of the vote (686). Daniel K. Tabor finished third with 366 votes for 16.9 percent.

In local school board races, Richardson-McGhee easily won with 76 percent of the vote rejoining board member Arnold Butler who ran unopposed. La Deidre J. Wilson 56 percent to 43 percent was defeating Margaret Richard-Bowers. The Sentinel endorsed Richardson-McGhee and Richard-Bowers in their bids for the Inglewood School Board.

Voters also decided to overwhelmingly to approve Measure P Publishing (Charter Amendment – Majority Approval Required) and Measure W Waiver of Further Reading — (Charter Amendment – Majority Approval Required). Measure P got 2,888 votes for 71 percent and Measure W got 56 percent of the vote.



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