November 08, 2012


 Flexibility is the word for this week. Don’t insist on being right, even if you think you are. You will gain more this week if you allow others the freedom to have their way rather than insisting that people do things your way.  Soul Affirmation: He who doesn’t ask will remain a fool forever.



 You don’t have to worry about being alone in the journey that you have undertaken. You are on this path because someone guided you. Take the memory of their guidance as comfort and keep on trucking. Soul Affirmation: Things are as I know them to be.



 Commit to a way this week, lucky archers! You are developing your craft by practice and more practice. Accept recognition gracefully, and keep on task. You are investing in your art this week.  Soul Affirmation: Goodness is its own reward.



 Your word this week is “Persistence.” Keep at the task of persuading others that your idea or vision is as remarkable as you know it is. You just need to get the word out, and you need to be persistent in your efforts. Make a game out of it and have fun!  Soul Affirmation: Often it’s not what I say but the way I say it that gets the message across



 Results that seemed like they would never show up may arrive this week, and it will make you very happy. Keep the feeling this week in mind so that you’ll remember and benefit from it next time you are impatiently waiting for an outcome. Everything is working to your good Soul Affirmation: I give thanks for the chance to give.



 Your exciting and adventurous self will want to come out and play. You’ll be happiest if you are exploring something, and then topping it off with a visit to a restaurant that serves something you’ve never tried before. Live it up at the banquet of life this week!  Soul Affirmation: When I am clear about who I am, the world becomes clearer.



 Watch for that item you’ve been wanting to be on sale at a good price this week. While you are feeling pretty confident with money, you don’t want to splurge or overspend just yet. Keep your eye out for bargains for a little while longer!  Soul Affirmation: This week I find joy in the gifts that life has already given me.



It’s easy to take it easy! Just slow down and let each moment arrive at its own speed. You’ll get a lot done this week if you get in tune with the rhythm of the week. Each moment has its own beat. Stay with it.  Soul Affirmation: The wisdom of the ages is revealed as my spirit.



 Change is near, and it’s going to be good.  Clear your desk of pesky tasks this week and get your mind free to receive what life brings. Positive results help you feel even more positive.  Soul Affirmation: Someone wonderful is looking to find me.



You are the boss of your week this week, so act like the leader you are and let the week follow you around. Your creativity is soaring; schedule enough time to get some of your brilliant ideas on paper.  Soul Affirmation: Trust gives me a deep sense of peace and joy.



A steady stream of opportunities is beaming your way, lucky you and they contain endless variations of possibilities. Wear your instincts like a rainbow colored coat this week and gather the good resources that you need. Soul Affirmation: Hope is future’s way of shining on me this week.



Some down time will work wonders for you this week.  You’ve been running fast with your projects, and now it’s time to slow it down. Try to spend time outdoors and with nature.  Enjoy!  Soul Affirmation: Hope is a beautify jewel. I enjoy owning it.

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November 08, 2012


Associated Press


(AP) — However riotous the Eddie Murphy stories from Arsenio Hall, Tracy Morgan, Adam Sandler and Russell Brand, the highlight of Spike TV’s tribute to Murphy was the comedian’s duet with Stevie Wonder.

Murphy joined the subject of one of his most classic impressions for a rousing rendition of Wonder’s 1973 hit “Higher Ground” during the taping of the Spike TV special “Eddie Murphy: One Night Only,” which is set to air Nov. 14. The Roots served as the house band.

Jamie Foxx, Tyler Perry, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock and Keenan Ivory Wayans were also among those paying tribute to Murphy Saturday at the Saban Theater.

Accompanied by a pretty blonde, Murphy beamed throughout the two-hour program, saying he was touched by the tribute.

“I am a very, very bitter man,” he said with a beguiling smile. “I don’t get touched easily, and I am really touched.”

Morgan called Murphy “my comic hero” and came onstage wearing a replica of Murphy’s red leather suit from his standup show “Delirious.”

“He set the tone for the whole industry a long time ago,” Morgan said before taking the stage. “He inspired me in a fearless way.”

Sandler was still in high school when he first saw “Delirious,” which he described as “one of the most legendary standup specials of all time.”

“Everybody on the planet wanted to be Eddie,” he said. “He funnier than us. He’s cooler than any of us.”

Samuel L. Jackson said Murphy “changed the course of American film history” by giving Jackson his first speaking role on the big screen, in 1988’s “Coming to America.”

“If it weren’t for Eddie, we might not have all the wonderful films that I’ve made,” Jackson quipped.

“He is a true movie star,” Jackson continued, lauding Murphy’s performance in “48 Hours” and “Beverly Hills Cop.” “You became an inspiration for all young African-American actors.”

The program featured clips of Murphy’s standup shows, his film appearances in “Shrek” and “Nutty Professor” and his work on “Saturday Night Live.”

Murphy insisted before the tribute that he is retired from performing.

“I’m just a retired old song and dance man,” he said, adding that he only makes rare appearances these days. “That’s what you do when you’re retired: You come out every now and then and talk about the old days.”

The 51-year-old entertainer took the stage at the conclusion of the tribute to say he was moved by the honor.

“This is really a touching moving thing, and I really appreciate it,” he said. “You know what it’s like when you have something like this? You know when they sing happy birthday to you? It’s like that for, like, two hours... and I am Eddied out.”

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November 01, 2012

By Joy Childs

LAWT Contributing Writer


After he and his quartet (piano, Renee Rosnes; drums, Payton Crossley; and percussion, Rolando Marales-Matos) confirmed why the 75-year old has long been regarded as the number one jazz bassist in the world today, Ron Carter could have emerged from the stage beaming, pleased by the audience’s standing-O and constant outpouring of applause and adoration for the legend.

Instead, asked how he felt about performing at this writer’s alma mater, his immediate response was quick and blunt:  “I’d like to see more people come out who are of our persuasion!”

What he was bemoaning was the lack of Black folks at Royce Hall last Saturday night for his gig, along with the Robert Glasper Trio, clearly expressing a frustration that runs deep in the hearts of many a straight-ahead artist:  ‘Where are the Black folks?’ 

Added Carter, “We need more help from your community [to get folks out to see live jazz.]”

His swift candor resonated with the backstage group (some even chuckling) that was assembled in the press area, both Blacks and Whites.

After a few more zingers, he declared, “Look:  All you can do, Joy, is play enough good melodies that someone takes one home with them …”

The Saturday night audience had the good fortune of hearing Carter perform enough good melodies that everyone took every one of them home.  After welcoming the crowd to the quartet’s fourth night of a tour that began in Shanghai, China, Carter opened with “You and the Night and the Music” from one of his newer recordings.

The 90-minute set doubled as a lesson on what today’s jazz bassists should sound like. As tall and handsomely bearded as ever, Carter ‘instructed’ the audience on recognizable but brilliant versions of standards like “Seven Steps to Heaven” and “Sketches of Spain” as well as tunes from his enormous discography. 

All one could exclaim after each of his solos was “Wow!” in disbelief at the beauty of what was played as well as the ease with which he plucked the strings.

Along with ‘big bass brothers’ Leroy Vinnegar, Milt Hinton, Paul Chambers and Ray Brown, Ron Carter is among the most prolific, most influential, most recorded jazz bassists of all time.  With more than 2,000 albums to his credit, he has performed with virtually every major jazz artist, past and present, a very short list including Cannonball Adderley, Tommy Flanagan, Dexter Gordon, Lena Horne, Wes Montgomery and, most notably, from 1963–1968, with the Miles Davis Quintet, as a member of the quintessential jazz group of those days.

He’s received innumerable awards and accolades, including a Grammy for Best Jazz Instrumental Group, the Miles Davis Tribute Band (1993), and another Grammy for Call Sheet Blues (1998), an instrumental composition from the film “Round Midnight.” 

Most recently, after 18 years on the faculty of the music department of The City College of New York (CCNY), he’s now Distinguished Professor Emeritus there.

Thankfully for jazz lovers, as a performer, he remains as active as ever. So do yourself — and Ron — a favor:  Come out and see him the next time he’s in town.

The Robert Glasper Trio opened with an all acoustic set. After many joking stops and starts, the leader showed why he’s the piano phenom flavor of today, playing Stevie Wonder’s “Golden Lady” and, most glowingly, Herbie Hancock’s “I Have a Dream.”


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November 08, 2012

Associated Press


Naomi Campbell is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the birthday of her boyfriend, Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin, in the palaces of western India.

The supermodel’s spokeswoman, Debi Zornes, says the celebration of Doronin’s 50th birthday kicked off in the 15th century Mehrangarh Fort in the city of Jodhpur on Tuesday night. The festivities included fireworks, traditional music and dancing and an elaborate buffet meal.

The setting for another party Wednesday evening was a former medieval palace, Umaid Bhawan, now run as a hotel.

All 42 rooms at the palace hotel have been booked for Campbell’s guests.

No other details were immediately available.


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November 01, 2012

Ava DuVernay has emerged as one of the most intuitive storytellers in modern times. 

Celebrated for a growing body of work including “This is the Life” (her directorial debut), “I Will Follow” and “My Mic Sounds Nice” (a heralded documentary on female rappers), DuVernay’s “Middle of Nowhere” --her second feature length film-- is an arresting and satisfying drama of love at a crossroads where we find Ruby (newcomer Emayatzy Corinealdi), a burgeoning medical student, stymied after her husband’s incarceration for drug dealing and possession charges.

 Additional cast members include Omari Hardwick (“Sparkle,” “For Colored Girls”), David Oleyowo (“The Help,” “Last King of Scotland”), Edwina Findley (HBO’s “Treme” and “The Wire”), Dondre Whitfield (“35 and Ticking”, “Two Can Play That Game”) and Lorraine Toussaint (“The Soloist,” “Dangerous Minds”).

“Middle of Nowhere” took top honors at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, receiving the Best Director award, making DuVernay the first African American to snag the honor.  The former film publicist says her personal goal is to make one film per year to continue growing as a filmmaker.

Stephanie Allain, film producer (“Hustle & Flow,” “Black Snake Moan”) and director of the Los Angeles Film Festival, champions DuVernay, calling her work spectacular.

“I respond to positivity and to stories that let us see our potential as human beings, as artists. I respond to stories where art somehow lifts one up; I respond to things that move me,” Allain said.

“Ava’s ‘Middle of Nowhere’ lets us see Ruby in a predicament struggling to make the right choice. I like that. I like to see us make the right choice. And, if we make the wrong choice, I like to see us learn from that. Those are the stories that really turn me on.

 “Ava shows that you can transform yourself, your life, by following what you believe in. She decided ‘she had to’ make movies because nobody else was making movies that ‘she’ wanted to see. Many times in Hollywood you’re type cast in a role and she has just burst through all of that becoming the shining example of writer, director, distributor, producer, of the caliber in which she served as publicist.  It’s a pretty spectacular evolution on her part.”

No less spectacular is the role of Ruth, Ruby’s unrelenting mother, brilliantly performed by Toussaint (Lifetime TV’s “Any Day Now” and “Saving Grace”).

Toussaint said of DuVernay, “I totally trusted Ava.  She’s a young director who I felt confident with.  I knew I was in good hands.  She knows how to speak to actors and she ‘likes’ actors.  She’s collaborative, not afraid to hand you the reigns and get out of the way, or completely step in and guide.  I love the way that she often keeps the camera rolling.  Sometimes, scenes need a certain momentum.  She knows that and let us have room –even on a tight schedule—which was wonderful.”

Reportedly, DuVernay pulled off the project with a meager $200K, a virtually unheard of film budget for movies on the order of “Nowhere.”


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