July 11, 2013



After months of development, ReTake Artist and Music Listing and Promotion Service just unveiled its new website — a dedicated listing service for bands, singers, songwriters and musicians. While announcing the company’s commitment to signing former television talent show contestants of shows like American Idol and The Voice, president Kenneth Schwartz emphasized that the company also handles established talent — as evidenced by the endorsement of Michael Jackson’s beautiful niece, Tanay Jackson!

ReTake provides innovative marketing solutions to help artists promote and grow their business. “The website offers far more exposure than other popular platforms that typically handle millions of participants and whose artists tend to get lost in the confusion,” says Schwartz. “Instead, ReTake understands it is fans that drive popularity and success, so fans are free on our platform. As the fans discover new music or find out more about favorite artists, this will increase the popularity of the artist’s profile.” The company has made it easier for fans to follow their favorite artist and have likewise simplified the process for artists to keep fans informed about new music, releases, promotions, concerts and shows.

ReTake will be bringing in talent from all corners of the world. They offer unique features and their packages will be customized to the individual artist to have the maximum affect on their marketing and promotional success.

Tanesha Jonelle ‘Tanay’ Rodney-Jackson is the only daughter of Tito Jackson. The new up and coming Pop R&B artist and niece of world famous Michael Jackson started off as a Theatrical Dancer and accredited Songwriter and is now the new delight springing out on her own. Her sound is fun, emotional, and sexy.

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July 11, 2013

By Courtney Jacobs

Special to the NNPA from the Afro-American Newspaper


A Utah substance abuse treatment center has reportedly refused to accept Paris Jackson, the 15-year-old daughter of pop music icon Michael Jackson, for treatment of behavior disorders, according to news reports.

According the website TMZ, a rehabilitation center in Utah that has not been identified, rejected the request of the Jackson girl’s mother for admission, citing the prospects of disruptive attention from media, especially paparazzi, on the treatment facility.

Jackson has been hospitalized since June 5 after what California first responders described as an apparent suicide attempt. She was treated for what appeared to be self-inflicted cuts on her wrists and for ingestion of a possible hazardous amount of pain-killers at UCLA Medical Center, the same place where her father was pronounced dead four years ago.

Jackson’s mother Debbie Rowe, in a Twitter post, said, “My daughter has asked that I extend a huge thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers and support. She is strong like her father.”

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July 11, 2013

By Chelsea Lenora White

Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward Times


Pharrell seems to have carried the BET Awards 2013 theme of “Anything Can Happen” with him from that Sunday evening to Monday morning. Just one day after he offered arguably some of the best performances of the night at the BET Awards in LA, which featured heavy hitters such as: TI, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg (I refuse to call him Snoop Lion) and trailblazer Charlie Wilson, he filed legal papers in federal court in Manhattan seeking a declaratory judgment of non-infringement on Will.i.am’s “I AM” trademark.

The two artists have been in dispute for the past several months over the infringement issue. Will.i.am has owned the “I AM” trademark since 2001 and he filed objections in March and May against Pharrell Williams’ company, “i am OTHER,’ which launched in 2010.

Will.i.am uses “I AM” for his businesses, including his charity foundation “I AM ANGEL.” Pharrell’s “i am OTHER” produces web series, including hit web series and my absolute favorite webisode, “Awkward Black Girl.”

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July 11, 2013

LAWT News Service

TV One, which entertains, informs and inspires Black adult viewers, has announced the creation of News One Now, a live one-hour, weekday morning news program slated to premiere September 2013. Roland S. Martin, national award-winning journalist, will serve as host and managing editor of the program that will be a multi-platform experience on radio, television, and online.

News One Now, culled from the third hour of a three-hour radio program to be syndicated on Radio One network stations, will provide viewers with a morning news program that for the first time in history, will offer news and analysis of politics, entertainment, sports and culture, from an African American perspective. The morning show, based in Washington, D.C., will feature a broad spectrum of experts, newsmakers and celebrities who will share their insights on current affairs with Martin. Additionally, the program will implement a “Skype Net” component giving various Radio One hosts a platform to provide daily weigh-ins on News One Now content, as well as inform the audience on hot topics in their respective regions.

News One Now will be a three-screen experience, allowing viewers and listeners to experience the show on radio, TV and through NewsOne.com, a website from Radio One’s web division, Interactive One. Various studies show that African Americans have a high usage of social media, and News One Now will heavily incorporate social media throughout the show (#NewsOneNow), allowing for a truly interactive experience with our audience.

Martin, the 2013 National Association of Black Journalists’ Journalist of the Year, most recently served as the host of TV One’s long-running, award-winning weekly news program, Washington Watch with Roland Martin, which concluded its four-year series run in May. Parallel to the creation of News One Now, TV One has signed an agreement with Martin's media company, Nu Vision Media, Inc.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of News One Now, which continues Radio One and TV One’s pledge to serving our audience with compelling, quality coverage of current news events, issues and trends affecting the Black community,” said Alfred Liggins, chairman of TV One and CEO and president of Radio One.

“African Americans are some of the most highly engaged cable news consumers, and it’s vital that we meet that thirst with a daily morning show that speaks to our issues, our concerns, from our perspective,” said Martin.  “News One Now will launch as the pre-eminent destination for the pulse of Black America.”

Craig Henry (Washington Watch, Parole Diaries) will be the executive in charge of News One Now on behalf of TV One.

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July 11, 2013

By Chelsea Battle

LAWT Contributing Writer


Kevin Hart has grown. However, be forewarned that a physical inspection would be a waste of your time. The actor still stands at a commanding 5’2” tall.  Yet an in-depth conversation with the comedian/actor, primed by the cool confines of Beverly Hills’ Four Seasons Hotel, reveals that the humble Hart has grown both personally and professionally. Staying true to form in his customary all-black ensemble the budding star is ready to explain it all. From his new movie Let Me Explain, which was released in theaters July 3rd, to his roads-to-riches success story in general, there is a lot more to Hart than meets the eye.

He’s hot, ladies and gentlemen and literally lights the stage on fire in his new hilarious comedy, Let Me Explain. During the 70 minute film, geysers of fire randomly fly from the stage as he dishes on everything—his divorce,  his clueless friends who unsuccessfully help him cheat on women,  his life as an L.A.B. (local ass bitch, a term coined by his friends)—you name it. The movie also validates Hart’s international appeal, following him as he tours all over the world performing stand-up comedy before thousands of adoring fans. (proof-positive, actually, that he is definitely not an L.A.B.) 


During an interview Hart discusses the movie and his road to becoming a successful multi-millionaire executive producer.

LAWT: Sitcoms and movies like Soul Plane didn’t exactly pan out as you had hoped how did those experiences prepare you for today?

Kevin Hart (KH): I’m a firm believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason. And back then I was young. I was 23, 24 years old and I was thrown into a realm of dude I got my own show. I’m an executive producer, I’m writing, oh my God I’m starring in Soul Plane its over. I’m outta here.  At the end of the day that stuff didn’t work because I probably wasn’t prepared for it mentally. I think now I’m dealing with this success so amazingly well because I understand how fast it can go away. I was setup for greatness and when it didn’t happen I was left with nothing. No movies, no auditions, and I had to start from the bottom and work my way back up.

LAWT: So in this movie you were called a b*tch and called others a b*tch quite a few times. Did you ever keep count on how often you said it?

KH: I use bitch a lot. I cuss a lot so you can’t really count my cuss words because they’re not offensive. I can say the most disrespectful sh*t ever and it’s all laughs. My friends and I friends call each other bitches everyday. ‘Shut up b*tch, you a dumb b*tch kiss my ass b*tch.’ I think within our group that’s what keeps us grounded. There is no I’m above you guys we don’t live like that.

LAWT: So what’s it like being the boss and an executive producer?

KH: For me it’s intriguing because as “the boss” you’re just a guy who knows what you want to do, but you have to hire people that can put you in the position to do it. So the boss is just the guy that’s smart enough to hire people that are smarter than him without having an ego. The reason you get people that are smarter than you is because these are people who can paint your vision and make it a reality. My smart move was educating my friends, and making them aware of the business so that they can be involved in my company. [As a result] you are not just friends who are receiving a check but you’re actually earning a check. My friends are now in positions where they’ve made deals and they speak on my behalf with certain endorsements. With Let Me Explain I think I personally put 2.5 million dollars into it. I put them into positions where not only do we know where all my dollars are being spent, my friends are the ones who broke the deal with the garden [Madison Square Garden], my friends are the ones who got another production company to come to discuss how we can maximize our dollar amount for what we wanted to shoot.

LAWT: What are you most proud of at this point in your career?

KH: I think what I’m most proud, is that despite my relationship with my dad, I’m very proud of the way that I balance my personal life and my career. My kids are a priority so I’m proud of the fact that my kids understand what I do, and it’s very clear why their dad is working, and what he’s working on. At the young age of 8 and 5 their understanding of the business is ridiculous, but it’s because I’ve had them around it since they were young.

LAWT: So are you thinking of putting them in show business?

KH: I don’t want my kids anywhere near show business, but when they get to the age where they can make those decisions for themselves then of course I won’t hold them back. But I have them around so I know that they know what their father does. You just have different respect when your dad is gone and you can relate to where he’s going.

LAWT: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

KH: The best piece of advice I got was from Chris Rock and it was be your own brand. It may take you along time [to reach stardom] but be Kevin Hart.

LAWT: What have been some of the rockiest points in your career?

KH: After Soul Plane and The Big House that was a rough stint in my career because as a comedian I wasn’t known, so I wasn’t making money on the road.  I was doing colleges here and there but I was probably getting 500 or 600 dollars a college, but it was costing me 300 dollars to fly to a university. I was doing 7 shows for the weekend and I’d  walk away with 900 dollars, but after paying for my flight, and the rental car, my 900 would get knocked to 600, so stand up wasn’t really giving me a comfortable lifestyle. It was still a struggle so after my TV show got cancelled and Soul Plane flopped, I was stuck just sitting by the phone literally. Conversations with my manager were like ‘Well what’s going on, well can I get an audition?’ ‘Did they call back? Did they like me? No they didn’t.’ I hated the fact that I had no control. But you got to get up off you’re a** and figure something else out.  Once I said to myself forget this I’m not worried about Hollywood anymore, it was just all about stand up comedy. I went and I slaved the road for about 4 or 5 years and I just did comedy clubs. By year three, two out of my seven shows were selling out. By year four I’m selling out four of the seven shows. Year five I’m selling out all the shows.

LAWT: Do you make all those memes of yourself on Instagram? It seems like every time you look up on Instagram a Kevin Hart meme pops up

KH: All of them, every single last one.

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