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Cervical Cancer is Highly Preventable through Vaccination and Regular Screenings Written by LAWT News Service
Tips for breaking the ice with fitness and wellness Written by Aaron Robey
Black People Do Get Sunburnt; Unsun Cosmetics FounderKatonya Beaux Discusses the Importance of Sunscreen and Why She Started Her Company Written by Devyn Bakewell
The Updated Booster is Here, Just in Time for the Holiday Season Written by Dr. Jerry Abraham
Mary J. Blige, Jill Biden Team Up for Cancer Prevention Written by Darlene Superville
Is it Safe to ‘Trick or Treat’ This Halloween? Pediatrician Offers Valuable Advice to Parents Written by LAWT News Service
Fluffy GRL Movement Redefines Health and Body Standards in the Midwest With GRL Weekend; Dove Sponsors Building Community and Confidence For Two Hundred Women Ready For Change Written by LAWT News Service
Benefits of Participating in Clinical Trials for Diverse Patients Written by The Jacksonville Free Press
Doctor Pledges to Save Black Men’s Lives During Men’s Health Month; Dr. Denise Asafu-Adjei offers chronic disease prevention tips Written by LAWT News Service
Yoga For Everyone; Discussing RNB Yoga with Founder Lauren Spearman Written by Devyn Bakewell
Pandemic sparks autobiography for Delaware State professor Written by Mike Finney
The Tiniest Babies: Shifting the Boundary of Life Earlier Written by Associated Press
Heal. Develop. Thrive; Discussing Sixto Cancel’s Think Of Us and How He Transformed the Child Welfare System to Center Lived Experiences Written by Devyn Bakewell
BJ Williams, CIBV, Can I be Vulnerable, Mental Health, Black Community Written by Betti Halsell
Vaccine Cancelled Ad Written by LAWT News Service
MIA Mammography Ad Written by LAWT News Service
 Mothers In Action Mammogram Ad Written by LAWT News Service
Check Your Breast; Staying On Top of Breast Cancer Awareness with Black Health Matters and Eli Lilly and Company Written by Devyn Bakewell
California Pageant Queens Will Use Their Voice to Raise Awareness About Mental Health Written by Devyn Bakewell
Building Black Wealth! Rihanna Introduces Madison Bailey to the Fenty Family Written by Lapacazo Sandoval
Biden Administration Distributes At-Home, Rapid COVID-19 Tests to Americans for Free; Online ordering of a half-billion tests is now available to build on expanding testing capacity and increasing access to free testing Written by LAWT News Service
How to Avoid New Year’s Resolution Disappointment Written by LAWT News Service
Righteous Reflection On Being African: A Kwanzaa Meditation Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga
The Alzheimer’s Association Oversees Critical Research Focusing on Race and Alzheimer's in America Written by LAWT News Service
Feds, State Take Steps to Ease Burden on Some Student Loan Borrowers Written by Antonio Ray Harvey
L.A. Sees Significant COVID Increase in Communities of Color; Community leaders encourage everyone to continue taking precautions Written by Danny J. Bakewell, Jr.
California Goes on Offensive as Omicron Variant Threat Grows Written by Aldon Thomas Stiles
New Variant Cause for Concern, Not Panic, Biden Tells US Written by Zeke Miller
Kiana Webb: Guide to Personalized Health and Wellness Written by LAWT News Service
Black Pediatricians Discuss Vaccinations for Children; Doctors look for vaccines to further protect children and their future Written by Josephine Reid