December 29, 2022



As the week starts, it might be tough to focus on work when you want to get out and enjoy time with loved ones, friends, or a significant other. You’re extra excitable and want to take life by the horns. Thankfully, later, you get an extra burst of patience and stick-to-itiveness to complete tasks that would otherwise frustrate you. In fact, you could come off as so centered that others gravitate to you for advice and higher-ups applaud your strength and clear judgment. 




You’ll want to put your nose to the grindstone to explore and broaden your horizons in a way that expands your mind and sets the stage for career advancement when the week gets underway. Consider taking a new online course or revisiting old courses of study that you enjoyed tremendously. Later, the cosmos stirs you to reflect and reassess ways in which you want to shake things up and strike out against the status quo of your life and the world. If it’s time to shift your personal goals in a whole new direction, this period of time is ripe for mulling over what that might look like and the action steps to take in the future. 




Doing some soul-searching about how you might want to switch gears with how you’re healing old wounds at the beginning of the week. You might discover that it’s easier to find a sense of calm mentally and can turn your focus to deep-rooted goals for spiritual growth. Later, working with colleagues, friends, neighbors, or other associates comes naturally. You’ll be a shining, beaming, self-assured star who everyone wants to learn from and discuss particulars with. Head up brainstorms and take calculated risks. As long as you have the facts at hand, you’ll be right on track.  




Your wheels will start to turn as you start reflecting on the ways you’re relating to others and collaborating with colleagues in the beginning of the week. You might realize that working with different groups or making new friendships would be more fulfilling. No need to make your move just yet. This is simply a key time for reflection. Later, you could be called on to step into the spotlight on the job. You’ll be revved up and ready to make an impression on higher-ups. Being bold can lead to some well-deserved recognition and rewards.




You might be fired up about a work project but also somewhat wired and overly excitable at the start of the week. It wouldn’t be surprising if you struggled to figure out exactly what you want to say, because this nervous tension rushing through your veins is making it hard to concentrate. If you feel like you’re getting unnecessarily worked up, make sure to take a step back from the task at hand and take a moment to breathe. Later, taking action comes even more organically than usual, as does speaking your mind and taking the initiative on any intellectual work.




You might want to reassess how you’re finding opportunities to continually learn and foster personal growth early in the week. Meditating on this could lead you down a new path that allows you to switch up your perspective on the world. You’ll also do well to be open to ideas from other people and sources than you usually rely on. Later, you might be feeling especially self-assured in your deepest, most burning desires and emotions. Figuring out what you want and how you want to express that to your lover or someone special can be downright enlivening. 




You’ll be feeling centered in your feelings and capable of hashing out any kind of tough situation with loved ones as the week gets underway. If you’ve been meaning to have what you anticipate to be a challenging heart-to-heart talk, this could be a beneficial day to initiate that conversation. By putting it a little extra work and tender care, you could reach a healing resolution. Later, the cosmos urges you to think about how you’re relating on the most intimate physical and emotional level. If a particular bond doesn’t feel necessarily reciprocal, it could be time to reassess whether it’s worth your investment of time and energy.




At the start of the week, you could be compelled to reflect on relationships that are no longer serving you and fulfilling you emotionally. If you feel limited and repressed in any way, it might be time to walk away. Later, you can tackle everyday to-dos while vying for a promotion, more responsibility or another type of career advancement. Your confidence and get-up-and-go energy are on another level, and colleagues and higher-ups are sure to be impressed and eager to work with you.




You could be aggravated if it feels like your plays for joy and creativity are quashed by the powers that be at the beginning of the week. If you’ve been gunning to take the reins on a creative project or feeling like your artistic impulses have been repressed, you might feel like acting out in defense of your needs. This moment could be a test, nudging you to figure out how you can reach your goals in a more measured way. Later, you could feel like your voice and efforts to make it heard are finally being recognized and rewarded.  




You might find the time is right to buckle down and have a deep, meaningful heart-to-heart talk with someone special or carve out time to be there for a loved one in need in the beginning of the week. You can bring your wisdom and knowledge from the past to the table and find an emotionally gratifying way forward for everyone involved. Later, you might want to rethink how you’re expressing yourself creatively. If carving out more time to play and have fun in your work and in your life feels necessary, you might want to switch up your priorities. 




You might be in the beginning stages of changing your perspective on how you’re relating to family and what constitutes home at the start of the week. If you’re feeling like major changes are afoot, take a deep breath and dive into a journaling exercise or therapy session. Allowing yourself to explore your options without the pressure of having to make a shift right now can be freeing. Later, connecting with a colleague, close friend, or significant other on a major joint project can happen easily and make for a particularly productive moment. 




Your sensitivity and work ethic make you the perfect referee for any conflicts that might be happening with colleagues or friends at the start of the week. Later, it could feel easier than usual to find small, effective ways to be even more productive, balance your home and work lives, and pursue your most winning moneymaking ideas. You’ll be fired up and motivated, while also feeling mentally sharp and compelled to discuss your exciting game plans. Go for it! 



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