Christmas can be a very romantic time. From songs to mistletoe to just the cold weather, the holidays tend to make everyone want someone to cuddle up to.

However, in America, single people make up one-third of all households. 

Annually, depression tends to increase during the holiday season due to factors, such as loneliness, and especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are forced to spend their holidays alone or away from their loved ones. 


This is why creator and visionary of Fox Soul’s #1 relationship platform, “CheMinistry”, Chanel Nicole Scott has created five key tips for surviving the holidays single and alone. Scott has had her fair share of lonely holidays and understands the desire to be seen and loved. Through her own journey to finding love, while also building a platform to bridge relationship gaps, she’s found that you don’t need to be woeful during the holiday season. There are ways to enjoy the season of love, giving, and laughter, single! 


In an interview with the Los Angeles Sentinel, Chanel Nicole Scott shared why she created her holidays tips for single people, along with providing some insight on her hit show, “CheMinistry”.  

“I’m still single, and I know there are other women who are single, and holidays are a very difficult time for either a single person or a person who’s gone through a breakup. Now that we’re approaching the holidays, which is a time we typically spend with our loved ones, I just wanted to talk about ways that those who can sustain or maintain a healthy relationship can navigate so we’re not sitting at home depressed,” said Scott. 


She continued, “You hear so many crazy things that happen during the holidays, from depression to suicide, so I just want to alleviate a little bit of that pressure and give people something to think about just to redefine this time of year.”

Chanel Nicole Scott is calling this holiday season “A Loveless Holiday”, which she also discusses on an episode of her show.

The relationship guru’s five tips include: 

1. Practicing gratitude for the good in your life.

2. Having a spiritual practice.

3. Reaching out to family and friends for fellowship and support.

4. Not allowing your relationship status to define you. Acknowledge the other parts of yourself –your gifts, talents, dreams, and goals.

5. Being kind, gentle, and generous to yourself, which includes giving yourself a gift for the holidays. 

Through her show, “CheMinistry”, Scott has created a platform for herself where she can speak freely about her feelings and experiences around romantic relationships in a “place of peace”. Oftentimes, people are forced to suffer their relationship traumas and emotions in silence, which is something the visionary shared she’s gone through. 

“Most times, when you’re going through heartache or anything dealing with a relationship, people want to hear about it not so much because they care about you, but they just want to know your business. And once you tell the story, they want you to move on, but sometimes you’re still hurt. And it takes time to work through the hurt…” 

“CheMinistry” is a place where Chanel Nicole Scott and her guest can really talk about it. 

“We can dive deep, and we really get into different perspectives,” shared Scott. “I invite women and men. The men can really be honest, in that moment, where they’re not being shunned or judged, we’re not beating them up because they’re being honest with us, and really telling us the truth.” 

The show dives into an individual’s experience—how they were treated in their relationship, the thought process of why they did certain things, and so much more. 

“Most times [women] don’t get the answers to our questions because men shut down when a relationship goes irate, and your left kind of like trying to figure It out,” said the “CheMinistry” creator, “but in “CheMinistry” you get a man who has had an experience, and he can tell you the real and be like ‘ok, this is what I was thinking.’”

Scott has always understood human behavior, and even got an undergrad degree in social work. She’s spent many years interpreting why people act the way they do, and shared that “there’s not too many experiences you can come to her with that she can’t interpret”. 

“I’ve had these experiences … I’ve experienced rejection more times that I can remember. I’ve had relationships that have gone awry, and I’ve suffered. So there’s not too many situations that you can come to me with that I can’t help you work through. That’s why we have “CheMinistry”.”

For more information on Chanel Nicole Scott check out her Instagram (@chanelnicolescott) or the “CheMinistry” Instagram (@cheministrylive).

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