June 16, 2022



It’s easy to get carried away by your wildest daydreams and most enticing fantasies early in the week. Spending time journaling, reflecting, meditating, or working on an artistic endeavor can feel especially satisfying now. Midweek, you’ll feel driven to tackle a major project that requires honing your skill set. Diving in headfirst to a challenging undertaking like this feels empowering and enlivening. Later, it could be a stressful time at work. While rewards and recognition might not be showing up at the moment, you’ll still do well to put your nose to the grindstone.




When the week starts, you might be inspired to strike out on your own in a way that surprises even you. This is the beginning of a new personal cycle marked by asserting your independence and unique perspective. Leaning into any impulses to embrace quirkiness or get out of your comfort zone can serve you well now. Later, the cosmos fuels your desire to enjoy eye-opening experiences with friends and loved ones. Open up about all the travel you want to plan or out-of-the-ordinary excursions you’d love to check out together, then see where the conversation goes. These daydreams might be easier to turn into reality than you think.




Getting outrageously creative on the job comes naturally when the week begins. You might actually have some trouble pinpointing the pragmatic path to turning your ideas into reality, but you can use this artistic energy and make quite the impression by taking advantage of your amplified imagination now. Later, you’ll want to prioritize time with friends, colleagues, and, if you’re attached, your significant other. Group activities feel even more energizing than usual, and the moment has you feeling like your assertiveness and confidence are firing on a whole new level.




At the week's start, you’ll be eager to explore the philosophical side of your relationships. This could mean having deep, spiritual conversations with a significant other or signing up for a class with a dear friend. Basically, moving beyond mundane, everyday subject matter is extra appealing now. Later, the cosmos spurs you to seek exciting new connections related to your work or social life. This could also encourage you to take an unconventional approach to tackling an ongoing team project. Heading down this unusual path could launch you into the limelight. It feels electrifying!




You’ll want to embrace a spontaneous, unusual game plan for connecting with a lover or dear friend early in the week. The energy can make you feel extra playful and inspired to do your best to stay in the present. Get in touch with your inner romantic daydreamer and you’ll be blissed out. Later, you could find a new way to support your work/life balance. Moving in this direction could magnify your productivity and earn you recognition from higher-ups.




If there was ever a time for letting go of your analytical tendencies and allowing yourself to be swept up in the moment, it would be early in the week. If you’re single, you could meet someone who seems to resemble the partner you’ve been imagining. If you’re attached, you could have an effortless time bonding with your significant other on a spiritual level. Later, you might want to make a move on a whim and book that long-distance trip or sign up for a conference. You could surprise yourself with how quickly you’re willing to switch up your routine!




If you’ve been wanting to talk to your significant other, close colleague, or dear friend about an emotional issue, you’ll do well to take advantage of the self-confident energy early in the week. Although your social graces are generally unparalleled, you’ll easily be able to put what’s in your heart into powerful words and make the impact you’ve been hoping for. Later, you feel torn between connecting with your lover or a special someone on a deeper, more intimate level or in a lighthearted, more playful way. Listen to your intuition.




Embracing your most imaginative impulses feels natural and emotionally rejuvenating when the week starts. You’ll do well to carve out time to express how you feel through your favorite art form or explore turning a long-held fantasy into a very real experience that rocks your senses. Later, it might be time for you to break free of any one-on-one bonds that haven’t been serving you or feeling reciprocal. You’ll be examining how you want to proceed, and moving in a whole new direction might be exactly what the moment calls for. Don’t be afraid to assert your independence and unique needs.




At the beginnning of the week, your sense of security and home life could be challenged by confusing information. Or it might feel difficult to connect with your loved ones on subjects close to your heart. Rest assured that this moment will pass and you’ll have clarity once more! Later, you feel reenergized and pumped to enjoy a spirited time with someone you love. Going dancing, enjoying a sumptuous meal, seeing a concert, or enjoying another creative activity together can boost your chemistry, bring you closer, and send magical sparks flying.




You might be inspired to steer away from cold, hard facts and logic for a moment in order to take a more imaginative, spiritually guided approach to connecting with friends and colleagues at the week's start. Allowing yourself to explore ideas without a pragmatic bent can be liberating and help you land on an exciting, creative proposal. Later, you generally aren’t the most effusive when expressing your emotions, but you might be inspired to try going even slightly bigger and bolder as you share what’s in your heart. Your feelings happen to feel more dramatic right now, so giving voice to that can be empowering and truly help you convey where you stand with someone special.




You could be drawn to even more outlandish, quirky, downright innovative ideas and business proposals than usual at the outset of the week. Colleagues and higher-ups could be impressed with your willingness to take a wild pitch and run with it! Just try not to get discouraged later if you lose some steam and confusion seems to prevent colleagues from getting on the same page. You’ll get right back on the horse and your team brainstorms will be on fire!




You’ll be more apt to daydream and drawn to escapism even more than usual when the week starts. This can set a lovely tone for experimenting with creative self-expression, artistic idea generation, or getting out of your general mundane routine and setting up a breathtakingly romantic, nearly cinematic moment with someone special. Just try not to put reality entirely on the back burner. Later, you’ll be fired up to make a play for more responsibility or an exciting assignment. Believing in yourself and your passion shows higher-ups exactly why they should too.

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