April 22, 2021

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With our community facing a myriad of challenges as we begin the process of recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, Los Angeles needs elected representatives who have both the lived experience and professional background to get desperately-needed resources into the hands of Angelenos as quickly as possible.


Heather Hutt is the only candidate running for Assembly District 54 that can meet this dire need.


With her years of experience as a small business owner and parent in the community, paired with solving thousands of constituents’ needs in former Senator Hall’s office, and as former Vice President Kamala Harris’ State District Director during Harris’ tenure as Senator, Heather has the intimate community knowledge necessary to uplift us.

Heather understands the many challenges facing our community right now because she has lived them. As a single mother of three Black sons, She left her then-husband with just $35 dollars in her bank account and fought hard to give her kids the best life she could.

Coming from a working-class family in the Leimert Park neighborhood, Heather eventually started her own business and has continued to lift up Black women-owned businesses.


Now, she’s dedicated to giving back to our community in Sacramento as Assemblymember Hutt.


With Senator Kamlager leaving the Assembly, there’s only one Black woman left representing California.

We need Heather’s lived experiences, firsthand community knowledge, and perspective as a Black woman in the State Assembly.


The issues facing District 54 are serious. Heather’s intimate policy knowledge and vision for addressing the needs of District 54 are powerful - she uniquely understands the most tenable ways in which we can get resources to help us prosper quickly. Heather has worked on critical issues facing our community for years - including Black maternity health, supporting DACA recipients, protecting our environment, empowering Black-owned small businesses, and protecting our rights in the workplace.


Angelenos are facing rampant housing insecurity and homelessness, and need an advocate for affordable housing to address these issues. Heather understands, from her own personal experience, that homelessness is a multifaceted issue, and requires an intersectional approach.

Heather has personal experience with homelessness and the intersectional methods needed get Angelenos housed. She believes that if we prioritize accessible mental health care, we can have a stronger, better society in every way. Heather will fight to get Angelenos across the county access to housing that is actually affordable for working class families. These are exactly the types of real reforms that Angelenos desperately need - now. We can’t wait for far off, pipeline dreams that won’t be able to pass with enough support in Sacramento.

Heather also has an impressively long list of support from organizations representing working families behind her campaign, including the International Union of Operating Engineers (I.U.O.E.) Local 12, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 18, the Ironworkers Local 433, the United Association Local 761 Plumbers and Steamfitters, LiUNA Local 300 and the United Association Local 250 Refrigeration Fitters and Steamfitters.




These unions stand with Heather because she has been a tireless advocate and champion time and time again for working men and women throughout her career. Heather has critical expertise to continue protecting our rights in the workplace. Additionally, Heather earned the endorsement of prominent group Black Women Organized for Political Action (BWOPA). In their support of her, the organization said:

“We are excited to endorse Heather Hutt for State Assembly, because she has shown time and time again that her heart and soul is dedicated to the success of our community. Heather has been a relentless fighter uplifting our California values and is deeply knowledgeable about the ins and outs of passing and implementing big legislation.

Heather is the clear choice for the 54th Assembly District, and we look forward to helping her get elected.”

Heather also has firsthand experience on why we need substantial criminal justice reform now. As a mother who had all three of her sons fall victim to senseless gun violence while in college, Heather is also intimately familiar with the ills and complexities of the criminal justice system, which is why she is refusing to take a dime from law enforcement unions and will fight to get rid of California’s misguided gang database.

With so much support behind her, Heather demonstrates a connection to the community like no other candidate.

"We need Heather Hutt in the State Assembly, an effective and forward-thinking leader. Her background is expansive, including deep experience in public service, running a small business, being a mom and a public advocate. I know that this experience gives her the wide-ranging perspective needed to be an effective representative, and I look forward to helping her get elected,” said Assemblymember Autumn Burke in her endorsement quote of support.



"I’m excited to endorse Heather Hutt for State Assembly because she is the embodiment of the values our members hold dear and is the type of leader we need in Sacramento. She's tough, smart and deeply knowledgeable about the issues affecting everyday Californians. I know Heather has the drive and policy savvy to tackle California's biggest challenges.  I'm proud to endorse her,” wrote Los Angeles African American Women PAC President Ingrid Palmer.

In addition to these endorsements, she is supported by LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn, Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez, and former Congresswoman and LA County Supervisor Yvonne Burke, among many others.

In addition to the broad, widespread support behind her campaign, her lifelong dedication to effective, progressive policy-making, and her own lived experience as a lifelong resident of Assembly District 54, Heather has also devoted hundreds of hours to critical volunteer efforts across our community.

She can be regularly found at the Urban League, at the Democratic Party, or assisting with vaccinations at Mothers in Action. Her dedication to the people of District 54 is unmatched, highlighted recently by her standing with the workers of Ralph’s to protest the closure of Crenshaw’s store. She is who we must elect to Sacramento.

Let’s not forget - Heather Hutt was then-Senator Kamala Harris’ California Statewide District Director, effectively the liaison between Vice President Harris and the constituents of California.

Heather has been an unrelenting advocate in public service for years - we need her continuing her work, passing legislation to protect her public service from Sacramento.

The LA Watts Times is proud to endorse Heather Hutt for Assembly District 54, she is the candidate for a better Los Angeles.

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