September 13, 2012

Grammy Award Winner Chris Brown joined Jenesse and its youth advocate group The Change to host a special Back to School Festival supporting Jenesse kids on Wednesday, September 5 in Los Angeles.

The day was for children and their parents who have been impacted by domestic violence, according to Jenessee representatives.

“The exciting interactive experience gave families a chance to bond with each other in a fun setting, to meet and connect with Chris on a one-on-one basis and to celebrate the end of summer and prep for a fresh start and positive new school year,” they said.

Karen Earl, Jenesse’s CEO stated, “It is our focus on family violence and its impact on youth that compelled us to open our hearts and our doors to Chris Brown and his mother, Joyce Hawkins. Chris and his mom have spent many quiet hours at our facilities, no cameras, no special attention or entourages – they just came to learn. Jenesse is thankful to Chris for spending time with our youth and celebrating the end of summer and returning back to school.”

Brown forged a relationship with Jenesse in 2009 by visiting and learning about the services and programs from Jenesse staff, spending time with Jenesse families, and over the years, supporting the Jenesse Youth Education program through computer donations, financial contributions and concert tickets for kids.

As an avid supporter of Jenesse’s Youth Education program, Brown was a sponsor of The Change Youth Conversations event this summer which drew more than 200 teenagers in Los Angeles and a multitude of youth nationally to talk about dating violence and healthy relationships. Brown and his staff reached out to Jenesse youth this summer with visits to Camp Jenesse and a recent visit to a Jenesse facility, which was organized by The Change, where Brown painted a special mural for the kids living there.

Angela Parker, Director of Trainings and Programs said, “There is no denying Mr. Brown’s popularity and the impact that it has on our youth to see him be a part of this conversation. His participation really drives home the message that a person can choose to overcome their past hardships and to work towards a better future, not just for themselves, but for their loved ones and their community.”

Brown said, “It's in my heart to show my fans, my friends and family and the families at Jenesse who stood by me they were right to give me another chance. I'm working hard to make them proud.”

According to its representatives, Jenesse Center is a national non-profit domestic violence intervention and prevention organization that provides a holistic, comprehensive program to nurture victimized families back to a place of mental, financial, physical and emotional well-being. The Change is Jenesse’s national youth organization which conducts community outreach with an emphasis on conflict resolution strategies, peer-to-peer advocacy and mentorship in a fresh way that appeals to young people.

The organization’s beliefs include the following:

1. Domestic violence is a family issue.

2. Children and teens are equal victims of domestic violence.

3. Young men have to be part of the conversation.

4. Domestic violence is sometimes a generational cycle of family violence.

5. This cycle can be broken with proper education, awareness, counseling and preparation.

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