March 10, 2016 

By Jennifer Bihm 

Assistant Editor 


Ultrasound tech Lisa Giselle recently opened up shop in the city of Inglewood, giving moms to be the opportunity to share their baby joy with loved ones via her Peek- a- View Parties, where baby shower attendees can find out the baby’s sex via big screen. The single mom started with a mobile business in Santa Monica, where demand for the service grew so large, that she had no choice but to expand. At the new storefront business in the “City of Champions”, she’s offering more services and bigger parties.


“We have new developments where we can throw the actual party, we are a full service now,” Giselle  said in a recent interview with the Sentinel/ L.A. Watts Times.


Her services include anything from a simple gender reveal package, with a photo that moms can keep, to a 3D ultrasound party for the mom to be and her guests. They can also order shower cakes and provide party keepsakes. All sonographers are board certified and use state-of-the-art equipment, although it didn’t start out that way, Giselle recalled.


The single mother of two teenagers had been working as a massage therapist when she realized that she wanted and needed so much more.


“I went back to school for ultra sound tech, got certified and was working for doctors,” she said.


Giselle said while she loved her job, she hated being an employee, so much so, her desire for independence spawned the Peek-a-View idea. Her determination made it happen.


“I started out in my living room,” she recalled.


“I didn’t have any money and I actually called a company in China [to price their machines] and they gave me one for free. That machine was horrible at our first mobile party but we made it work and everyone went crazy!”


Subsequently, the same company in China let her borrow a better machine until she made enough money to buy it. She’s had a lot of copy cat businesses, she said, trying to mimic her success since then. But despite that, she continues to grow and has now entered the philanthropic arena, providing free services to the homeless.


“This business also helps the communities,” she said, by providing jobs and opportunities for future ultrasound techs.


“Ultrasound is a non-invasive  procedure.  A probe is place on the expectant mothers abdominal area to view the baby.  This is a painless and relaxing procedure,” Giselle said via her company website.


 “Ultrasound is the only modality of Radiology that is used  to look at unborn fetuses.  All research provided has been proven to be safe for expectant mothers and baby, as long as the procedure is done by a trained professional, and no longer than one hour intervals.  


“The best time to Peek-A-View of your little one in 3d doing all the magnificent things unborn babies do is between 24 - 34 weeks.


“Peek-A-view scans last 45 minutes or less.  Peek-A-view demands that all expectant mothers are under the care of a Physician (OBGYN), and that all diagnostic ultrasounds have confirmed that baby and mommy are healthy…”


For more information visit, email info@peekviewultrasound. com or call (310) 256-8443. 

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