December 10, 2015 

By Brittany Jackson 

Contributing Writer 


This past Saturday marked the 4th Annual Black Businesswomen Rock Conference and Expo, where over 600 patrons gathered to network, exchange business ideals, promote their businesses and provide encouragement for both women and men looking for their breakthrough in the entrepreneurial market.


The event featured several speakers, including famed rapper, DJ and voice over talent MC Lyte, marketing genius Ray Dennis, real estate specialist Lisa Hamilton, wealth and finance coach Lynn Richardson and keynote speaker of “Crowns of Excellence,” Jewel Diamond Taylor.


Topics covered throughout the conference included, “Building Your Brand”, “Secrets to Financial Wealth”, “Real Estate, Internet Law & Sales Tips”, “Marketing and Social Media”, and “Confidence and Connection Within”. The multifaceted expo also included a host of vendors who showed up to promote their books, desserts, tax services and sell exclusives items from their fashion lines and hair care businesses.


Speaker Raven Blair-Glover also known as Raven “The Talk Show Maven” gave tidbits about how she overcame being in lack and mustered up enough courage to step out on faith, eventually launching her now successful radio show from her kitchen table. “The quickest way to become an expert is to interview experts,” Glover said. I had been in sales and had a gift of gab, so I began to make a dream list, a vision board. I put pictures on there like Montel Williams, Sherri Shepherd, and Les Brown. I even put Oprah on there. And let me tell you, I began to interview these people,” she continued.


Glover encouraged the women by sharing three major keys to success, to “step up, show up, and grow up.” The Talk Show Maven said that at one point, she was well in her adulthood and had to ask herself why she was only making $10 an hour and only working 20 hours per week. Glover says that it’s important for people to look internally to see where they are to avoid making the same mistakes.


Educator, author and TV personality Tiffney Cambridge also served as on one of the panelists, and described her journey as a single mother once in a high-profile relationship with rapper Game. Cambridge says that despite being in a financially stable relationship with Game, she kept working and moving toward her entrepreneurial goals. “I never quit my job, I continued working, I developed my brand, I developed my own business, and so when things didn’t work out, I wasn’t just standing around and waiting for someone to pick up the pieces. I was able to pick my own self up,” Cambridge said. She encouraged the multitude of women in the audience to also keep moving toward achieving their dreams. “Have your own. Keep your own,” Cambridge said. Cambridge also attended the expo as a vendor to promote her children’s book, “The Little Girl Who Lost Her Smile”.


The Sentinel/ LA Watts Times also caught up with Founder of Black BBWR, Natalyn Randle, who shared with us her vision for creating the dynamic networking, net worth and black business-building platform.


“The BBWR organization is all about uplifting women that are in business,” she said.


“It’s a platform and a mic to celebrate and let us know our visions and our dreams matter. The platform is for me to share it, and by me sharing it, its getting bigger and bigger.”


 According to Randle, the event, which boasted over 55 vendors, is designed to “ share their ideas and motivate other women to let them know that they can make a difference here in our community.”  

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