December 04, 2014


By Kenneth D. Miller 

Assistant Managing Editor 



Leading senate candidate Isadore Hall III is not taking anything for granted and is pushing a ‘Get Out The Vote’ campaign in advance of his Dec. 9 special election to replace retired state senator Roderick Wright.


“We have a senate district obviously that has demographics that has some of the highest levels of everything, from high school drop out rates to access to quality education or quality of jobs and in order to change that we must get people out to vote on Tuesday Dec. 9,” said Hall.


A former assembly member from Compton who was termed out, Hall is vying for Senate District 35. While he expects to win 50.1 percent of the vote there is also a concern that voter fatigue will keep constituents from casting ballots.


“We’ve come too far as Black people to earn the right to vote to not exercise that right at every opportunity---not just random elections, but all of them,” said Sentinel Publisher Danny J. Bakewell Sr. “It is when we least expect it that something unfortunate happens, preventing us from not having the representation that we desire and require. Voting on Dec. 9 is a MUST!”


It is during special elections that cost millions of dollars to the tax payer that such a circumstance can occur and if Hall does not secure the required 50.1 percent of the vote it will drain the state budget and tax payers for an additional election.


“We have to make sure that this election we elect someone who has demonstrated effectiveness on behalf of these constituents and I have proven that.”


Hall is endorsed by all of the mayors in the district, congressional officials and community leaders, but his fate will be determined at the ballot box.


“I believe the voters are engaged and I believe the voters want change, but its just making sure that people know there is an election. We just came off of an election cycle and voters are somewhat fatigued and I understand that.  We cannot allow that fatigue to disenfranchise our community by not voting,” Hall concluded.

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