November 27, 2014


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Lawrence D. Harris born to Brither Harris Sr and Pauline Harris in the beginning of 1930 in Magnolia Arkansas. While working at Eddie Johnsons S.O. gas station on East Main Street making $45 a week Harris was drafted into the U.S Army. While serving south Korea private Lawrence D Harris after 5 decades finally received his bronze medal of honor on October 8 2014 at Congressman Henry Waxman’s office.


Harris received the award for his exceptionally meritorious actions on a Korean Mountain top called Outpost Harry MR Harris.


On returning home he still wanted to serve in the National Guard but due to still facing black prejudice he was not allowed to. Harris made a conscious decision to head west to CA were he joined the construction labor union and has been there 60 years. He’s retired but still active in the union.


He has helped build MLK Hospital, Compton Court, Magic Mountain, Carson Mall, Carson Housing Development, Palo Dalama Woods, Hawthorne Mall and numerous highways up and down the state of California. He met the love of his life Betty Jean Harris who he cared for and loved until her passing in 2006 of lung cancer. He’s active in his community and his church, he's a loving father grand and great grandfather.


He resides in Harbor City and his daughter Ella Harris who lives in Victorville wanted people to have knowledge about her father and how a black man in that time and era rose from private when returning home and was promoted to sergeant to do his heroic action in the South Korean war.


“All this would not be possible if it weren’t for his friends William, [William’s] son Donald and daughter in-law Kathy Nowitzke of New Jersey,” said Ella.


“Words could never express how humble we are for their input in fighting for this award. Mr Harris is grateful but he figures that his final reward is not on this earth but with the god he serves…”

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