July 10, 2014


Mayor Eric Garcetti recently  joined Concilmember Paul Koretz and employer partners at Cedars Sinai Medical Center to celebrate meeting his goal of 10,000 summer jobs for youth through his Hire LA's Youth summer jobs program. Working with public and private sector partners, this year’s program doubled the number of youth jobs available to young Angelenos aged 14-24. Cedars Sinai Medical Center is employing 30 young people through the program.


The Hire LA’s Youth summer jobs program provides job readiness training, on the job experience, and a paycheck to more than 10,000 LA City youth in what is for many their first job. Partnering with the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and financial institution partners, the program provides job application, resume writing, and interview skills training, as well as financial literacy training to help create healthy financial habits for these first-time earners.


“I’m proud to announce that [July 8] was the first day of work for 10,000 young Angelenos age 14-24 through my Hire LA’s Youth summer jobs program,” said Garcetti. “Our youth are the key to the success and prosperity of our city, and Hire LA’s Youth, a part of my Summer of Success Initiative, gives our younger generation the chance to leap ahead with safe and productive ways to learn, earn and play.”


The positive impact of youth employment during the quiet summer months is well documented. Studies show that early work experience significantly raises adult workforce participation rates and student graduation rates, as well as combating the “Summer Melt” effect, ensuring youth are ready to return to school. Youth will work for 120 hours over 6 weeks and will earn $9 per hour.


Hire LA’s Youth is part of Garcetti's three-pronged Summer of Success Initiative, which, along with his Summer of Learning and nationally recognized Summer Night Lights program, provides youth safe and productive activities during the summer months when school is out. For more information on the LA Summer of Learning online learning and badge earning opportunities, visit www.summeroflearning.la. For more information on the Summer Night Lights programming and a list of the 32 parks open late, visit www.grydfoundation.org/summer-night-lights.


Employer and program partners present at the event included: Cedars Sinai Medical Center, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, Bank of America, Tesoro Corporation, Cathay Bank, Kaiser Permanente, the McDonald’s Corporation, USC, and UCLA.

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