August 01, 2013

LAWT News Service


The Minority Apartment Owners Association (MAOA) held its bi-monthly membership meeting on July 11, 2013.  Ruth A. Hayles, Executive Director for the organization and General Manager for the parent company, International Realty & Investments, welcomed all attendees.  Ms. Hayles provided an overview of the most recent meeting she attended for the industry held in San Diego sponsored by the National Apartment Association.  Ms. Hayles also discussed the history of the MAOA and the fact the organization was founded in 1987 and will celebrate its 26th Anniversary in September. 

The MAOA was founded in 1987 by its parent company International Realty & Investments. The purpose of the MAOA was to provide information for owners in predominately minority neighborhoods who were more negatively impacted by issues not experienced in other neighborhoods.  The MAOA has grown to become a strong voice for rental property owners in the local, state, and national arena.  Most recently the parent company formed a nonprofit arm known as Urban Housing, Inc.  More information will be provided as how you can become involved in this organization

Ms. Hayles introduced Ms. Joy King of King and Associates who was the keynote speaker.  Ms. King has years of experience in the field of property inspections, building plans, permits, and consulting owners who are experiencing problems with illegal construction and additions without permits.  Ms. King provided several helpful hints as to how to avoid the pitfalls of unpermitted construction and other code violations.  Ms. King provided helpful information as to how one can check the information as to square footage, certificates of occupancy, and other such necessary information owners should consider before buying any property.

Malcolm Bennett, Broker/CEO of International Realty & Invest­ments and President of the MAOA, closed out the meeting with information related to the rise in lawsuits related to Proposition 8 signs that are required on certain types of property.  Mr. Bennett provided an update on Assembly Bill 1229 (Atkins) which is without question the most important landlord real estate legislation since Costa Hawkins.  The bill, if passed, would require price control of privately owned rental housing on newly built construction throughout the state.  This bill, if passed, would seriously stifle new housing construction in California.  Mr. Bennett provided a comparison chart of the difference between rent control and inclusionary zoning.  Mr. Bennett indicated that all rental property owners need to get involved in these very important issues.  It was stated that this piece of legislation will either fail or pass on a margin of one vote in the Senate.  Please call or email for information as to what you can do regarding this legislation.  Mr. Bennett thanked all attendees and indicated that additional information would be emailed to those in attendance regarding Assembly Bill 1229.

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