April 11, 2013

By LAWT News Service


Last weekend, Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-Calif.) spoke out on the need for Congress to enact comprehensive reforms to reduce gun violence in America. 

Her remarks came as President Obama traveled back to Connecticut to again urge Congress to adhere to the wishes of 90 percent of Americans who favor tougher gun laws.

Speaking at both a town hall hosted by her Congressional Office as well as a forum with local NAACP leaders on Saturday April 6, Bass reiterated her commitment to fighting for tougher gun laws and doing more to ensure that reform efforts include provisions related to mental health and the impacts of chronic violence in urban communities.

Following the events, Bass said:

“Everywhere I travel across the 37th Congressional District, I am reminded that Americans want and deserve a vote on comprehensive measures to reduce gun violence.  When 90 percent of Americans agree on an issue, it’s time for Congress to stop all the political posturing and deliver for our constituents and all those who have lost their lives or the life of a loved one to senseless gun violence. I support Presi­dent Obama in his calls for Congress to act on this issue and I urge my Republican colleagues to end their threats to filibuster the desires of an overwhelming majority of the Ameri­can people so that both the House and Senate can enact common sense reforms.”

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