February 21, 2013

JAN PERRY for Mayor

Three-term Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry has been at the cornerstone of the downtown revitalization project that has decreased homelessness and increased job growth, which is the primary reason the Sentinel believes she is the most deserving mayoral candidate.

While other portions of the city have yet to experience the economic growth and vast potential that Perry’s council district has experienced, she would expand that level of productivity to the entire city of Los Angeles as mayor.

Perry would become the first woman and African American female mayor of Los Angeles if voters elect her.

She has dedicated her life to servicing the residents of Los Angeles, working at the municipal staff level and as a member of the city council while representing the 9th District Council.

She has been responsible for thousands of jobs and city contracts, which have accompanied the vital city restoration.

The Councilwoman did more than improving downtown, she was responsible for the re-development of treasured Central Avenue, adding essential jobs, creating new businesses and increased housing to the region as well.

Perry embodies the grace, skill and tenacity to bring the city together while not ignoring the specific issues which challenge the African American community specifically.

Of course she is very familiar with the African American community and can adequately address the issues, which face our community.

Perry is an experienced elected official with proven leadership skills required to lead Los Angeles. For years, Perry has worked with community based organizations, local leadership, and community religious organizations to bring specific resources to our community when others have ignored the issues of our community for the betterment of their own.

Perry’s no non-sense approach to addressing the fiscal challenges, labor issues and city resource issues is a quality that only someone who has represented both the wealthiest and the poorest of Los Angeles can understand. As the representative of the 9th District, Perry knows first-hand how to successfully navigate this balancing act and we are confident she will bring these same leadership qualities to the position of mayor as she has for over 12 years on the city council.

While all three of the leading candidates (Perry, Wendy Gruel, Eric Garcetti) are friends and supporters of our community and have the necessary skills to lead the city, the Sentinel believes that it is Perry, through years of experience, expertise and commitment, that deserves our support and our vote on March 5 for mayor.

CURREN PRICE for City Council (9th District)

State Senator Curren Price is no stranger to the 9th District, or to our community.

As a legislator and as Chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus, Price has had to balance the challenges of dealing with California’s fiscal cliff while insuring that resources are directed to those communities who have the least and who’s residents are in need of the most.

As Los Angeles residents seek sound solutions to its fiscal problems and desire a 9th District City Councilmember who will bring desperately needed resources to the African American Community, the Sentinel believes it is Price who is best qualified to meet the needs of this community.

Price is supported by both Council President Herb Wesson as well as County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and it is going to take a leader with these relationships, experience and the trust of Sacramento, Washington D.C. and his counterparts on the council to help meet the needs of the 9th District. Because of his long-standing commitment to our community and for his ability to bring together coalitions for the betterment of our community, the Sentinel strongly encourages you to vote for Curren Price for City Council.

DENNIS ZINE for Controller

Dennis Zine is the only candidate for Controller who has a proven track record of being a friend and supporter of the African American Community. He has a history of supporting causes and issues, which directly affect the residents of South Los Angeles, and he brings an understanding of how the controller’s office can directly affect and support these issues. Because of his years of service and long standing support of the African American Community, the Sentinel strongly encourages you to vote for Dennis Zine for Controller on March 5.

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