February 07, 2013

The M.W. Illustrious Scottish Knights Grand Supreme Council under the leadership of M.W. Grandmaster Hon. David Henry 33rd (giving honor to his M.W. Grand Master Hon. Van A. Hibler 33rd) presented the Della Smith Queen Sheba Legacy Award to Wilma Smith Kiel. Grand High Priest Brandon Kiel 33rd, Deputy Grandmaster Kevin Briley 33rd, and Illustrious Assemblyman Mike Davis (ret.) 33rd, were also in attendance to present this award. 

Wilma Kiel has served as Executive Director at the nationally accredited HIC preschool for over 35 years in South Los Angeles. During her tenure Wilma Kiel co- founded the South Central Training and Research Consortium in 1989.  An organization designed to provide early childhood personnel with research based training to promote innovative curriculums and enhance the structural rigidity of programs to ensure longevity.

The M.W. Illustrious Scottish Knights Grand Supreme Council understands their obligation to building a better society. Supporting early childhood education is just as important as ensuring that a temple is built on a solid foundation. The Grand Supreme Council will continue to recognize those individuals who are making a difference in their community and hold elected officials and ministers accountable for the communities that they represent.

Category: Business