February 07, 2013


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It has taken trusted and respected public servant Curren Price more than two decades to return to the city where he was born and accept the challenge of running for the continuous Los Angeles City Council 9th District.

However, having represented a portion of the 9th District as a Senator for the 26th District since 2009, Price is more than qualified to address the needs and concerns of the constituency.

“I am very familiar with the opportunities and obstacles that exist in this district, almost one-third of which is in the 26th Senate District, which I now represent,” he said.

During an exclusive Editorial Board Meeting with the Sentinel this week, the Democrat discussed his candidacy and goals for what he hails “The New Ninth” as the March 5th municipal election nears.

In addition to being born in Los Angeles, before attending schools in Inglewood and being the first Black student body president in the history of Morningside High School in 1967, he is without question the most accomplished in the field of candidates for the race.

He won a scholarship to prestigious Stanford University earning a BA in political science and then obtained his law degree from Santa Clara University.

A lifetime credentialed adult and community college teacher, Price has served as deputy to two Los Angeles City Councilmembers, enjoyed a stellar stint on the Inglewood City Council and has been one of the leading lawmakers in the California legislature since 2006.

“I want to make sure that South Los Angeles gets its fair share of the resources that are entitled to them,” Price told the Sentinel.

For several years he was a consultant for the Small Business Administration, served on the Los Angeles County Commission on Insurance and Community Economic Development Committee and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s South Bay Governance Council.

During his tenure on the Inglewood City Council and in the legislature he has been a steadfast champion on economic development.

“I plan on encouraging more private sector investment, improving the infrastructure on roads, address the adequate housing and most importantly, safety in the New 9th,” he explained.

The primary difference between him and the other candidates is that he has sustained the relationships with policy makers and in the private sector, who can be instrumental in helping him achieve these goals.

While, trailing candidates Terry Hara and Ana Cubas in campaign contributions, Price is the overwhelming choice of unions and Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson and Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.

“I believe that Sen. Curren Price would be the most viable candidate in the 9th Council District race. He is someone who is respected and someone around whom the community can unite,” said City Council President Herb Wesson.

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas added; “I think the president of the City Council (Herb Wesson) has given a lot of thought to the 9th District and I am prepared to follow his lead. I agree with the council president Wesson that Sen. Curren Price will be very hard to beat.”

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