January 24, 2013



This week is a good week for new investment of money, time or energy. Your investment will be attractive to someone who wants to help. Make the call. This week let the feeling of being special bathe you. Soul Affirmation: I invest new faith in everything I do this week.



Opportunity knocks this week, be ready and waiting. An old love may resurface. Take a good look. This week is good for you financially. Look for a special opportunity at work. Families matters, spend time with yours.  Soul Affirmation: Old love? New love? The most important thing is true love!



They get on your nerves but you’ll profit from joining with them in a common effort. Pull close to an annoying buddy. Joint adventures will pay ten-fold. Household projects call. You and a lover can finally reach the same page.  Soul Affirmation: I am patient with all that comes my way this week.



This week begins three weeks during which success and romance are closely related. Kill two birds with one stone. Enjoy your feelings and let your brain relax. Suspend all judgments of others. Being stern won’t work for you this week.  Soul Affirmation: I judge no one, especially myself this week.



News that comes by phone, e-mail or snail mail makes it easier for you to remain upbeat. Focus on what is said. No matter what it is, find the good in it. Invite new insights. They could well come from your lover.  Soul Affirmation: I give thanks for who I am this week.



Don’t be dismayed if you tried to prevent it but couldn’t. It was meant to happen, and you were intended to learn from it. Nothing was lost. Something was delayed. After you’ve learned your lesson the chance will come again.  Soul Affirmation: Faith keeps me calm in the storms of life.



Your self-confidence is making you glow all over! People are attracted to your outlook this week, and you may be deluged with offers. Some may not be sincere, but trust your fabulous instincts and you’ll pick and choose what’s real for you.  Soul Affirmation: Clinging to the old will inhibit my growth this week.



Find motivation within yourself to complete a task that has been hanging around too long. You will want to play later in the week, and you’ll feel happier then with a clear mind. Remember that you’re the boss of your emotions.  Soul Affirmation: My imagination is the source of my happiness.



Remember that you are in control of your emotions this week. Things will look brighter as soon as you let yourself feel like the glowing spirit that you are. Co-create your reality this week by using positive emotions to remind yourself of how wonderful you are.  Soul Affirmation: I will ask joy to marry me.



You are in the middle of a dream coming true. Watch for signs that your wish is about to be granted. You’ll be very happy with what you’ve achieved.  Soul Affirmation: Love is easier than breathing.



Overall, the vibrations surrounding you this week are very good, very good indeed. Go with the best, and refuse to allow any minor inconvenience to spoil your sunny mood. You are going to have a lovely week. Soul Affirmation: He who doesn’t ask will remain a fool forever.



Remember that you look marvelous! Be prepared for lots of compliments this week, and plan to accept them gracefully. You may be planning a time period trip; it’s going to be a nice getaway. Soul Affirmation: Communication is a skeleton key that opens many doors.

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