January 17, 2013


Take the lead, especially in romantic matters. Throw modesty out the window. Be in shameless pursuit. You know that your need is great this week. Seek to satisfy it. Your lover might be surprised, but you can make the surprise a pleasant one. Soul Affirmation: I hunt for love in all the right places.



Heads or tails! Go or stay! What to do? This week you’ll find yourself pulled in two exactly opposite directions. There is no way to satisfy both pulls. Let your friends decide. Take whatever suggestion comes first. Soul Affirmation: I let my friendships guide my way.



Don’t waste time thinking about the past. Sure they were wrong, but what does it matter now. Enjoy the present. Find something good to do for the rest of the week. Avoid conflict. Nothing is so important that it needs to be resolved this week. Soul Affirmation: This week I forgive myself for everything that has happened.



Stop thinking about work. Sure there are pressing matters, but they’ll wait. Tap into the fun side of your personality. Get deep into that side and stay there. Don’t keep pulling back to think about things that need to be fixed. Soul Affirmation: I give my mind a big vacation this week.



Let the pleasure principal win the battle with your sense of duty. Give yourself up to the sunshine, the fresh air, the outdoors. Stop talking and get moving. Your own motion will clear your mind of things that have been hanging on.  Soul Affirmation: I celebrate freedom of mind this week.



There are so many good things to do that the challenge will be in deciding what to do and what to not do. Great place to be. Count your blessings -all of them and flip a coin. What a time to be alive. Call someone. Let them decide what you should enjoy first. Soul Affirmation: I know that my life is full of good things. I enjoy!



Give yourself a chance to know yourself better. Let others reflect the beauty that is you and that will give you added knowledge of yourself this week. Ask for opinions and listen closely, making something good out of whatever is said. Soul Affirmation: I spend the week celebrating me.



You’ll meet someone that you could come to adore. Make sure you’ve laid the groundwork because they might not be ready for all the adoration that you are ready to give. Make sure that you don’t adore a bird in the bush while neglecting a bird in hand. Soul Affirmation: I enjoy the act of adoring.



Being an artist doesn’t always mean painting a picture. This week apply your artistry to anything that you do. Look at life as an empty canvas upon which you have the skill to paint almost any wonderful thing that you want. Soul Affirmation: My life itself is my greatest creation.



This week is better than last week for career goals. Think deeply about what you really want for a career. Clarity is easy to come by. Charm is an extremely effective tool for you this week. The smile is needed more than at any recent time.  Soul Affirmation: I keep my smile shining, especially at home.



Believe that it is true when a friend or family member praises you this week. There is something good happening with you that you cannot see. Expect good news about a publishing, educational or legal venture. Romance is in the air, revel in it.  Soul Affirmation: All the good things said about me this week are absolutely true.



This week let your nurturing spirit shines through. Your tremendous adaptability will make it possible for you to show kindness even where it is not deserved. Know that you kindness is appreciated. All week long you’ll find yourself in helpful conversations with friends or family members. Heed what is said.  Soul Affirmation: Everyone deserves kindness this week.

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