January 28, 2021

LAWT News Service


The Los Angeles Sentinel has confirmed that Mayor Aja Brown did not file papers to run for reelection. With no incumbent running the filing date is extended for 5 more days. 

“I look forward to providing a smooth and comprehensive transition, including welcoming the next mayor this summer, and sharing the infrastructure we built to aid in their success,” Brown wrote in a statement to the press regarding her decision.

“My hope is that Compton will serve as a model–demonstrating that the transition of elected leadership does not have to be contentious or a result of defeat.” 

“I am going to be transitioning from serving as mayor to continue serving our city in what I believe will be an even greater way.”

“I’ve endeavored to spearhead an impact vehicle designed to empower our community. To leverage direct investment, democratize access to capital, and drive local economic growth in our city.”

“Government was never designed to meet every need in a community. It’s designed to deliver basic services,” Brown stated.

“I recognize that in order for our community to reach our full potential, we must cultivate institutions that currently do not exist in our community; and quite frankly, they will not launch themselves.”

“This journey began with a bold step of faith, a clear vision and with a firm personal conviction that elected positions don’t belong to the official, they belong to the people. We’re here to serve, not to be served.”

“Now, it’s time for the next generation to take the reins and continue our mission of lifting and building our city, a Compton united, strong and abounding with opportunities.”


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